MCQ of Visual Basic dot net (VB.Net) with answer set-2

1. Using a ________ variable does not enable us to create read-only properties that are often required by a class.
A. public
B. private
C. protected
D. friend

2. A ___________ performs invisible tasks even if you write no code.
A. destructor
B. private method
C. constructor
D. function

3. The ___________________________________ does not describe inherited member functions, inherited operators, and overridden virtual member functions.
A. Class Library Reference
B. Library
C. Objects
D. Classes

4. The ______________________ group classes according to their common services.
A. objects
B. inheritance
C. Namespaces
D. programs

5. Whenever an application is created, a ______ is added.
A. Form
B. Class
C. Property
D. Object
6. _________ are interactive objects that you place in dialog boxes or other windows to carry out user actions.
A. Controls
B. Objects
C. Classes
D. Forms

7. The _______________ class provides static methods to start, stop, or filter Windows messages in an application.
A. Forms
B. Windows
C. Application
D. Control

8. The ___________is a systematic class framework used for the development of system tools and utilities.
A. .Net Framework Class Library (FCL)
B. .Net tools
C. Visual Basic 2005
D. Visual Basic 6

9. The ______________ method converts the value of this instance to a double representing the OLE automation date.
A. From OA Date
B.TO OA Date
C. Today
D. Now

10. The _________________ enable us to pass data between a program and a class.
A. Functions
B. Properties
C. Procedures
D. Variables

1. A. public
2. C. constructor
3. A. Class Library Reference
4. C. Namespaces
5. A. Form
6. A. Controls
7. C. Application
8. A. .Net Framework.... (FCL)
9. B.TO OA Date
10. B. Properties