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What is Bootstrap and How To Get Started With It

If you are a programmer, web developer  or you are interested on it, may likely heard the word bootstrap and want to learn more about it.  Bootstrap is the most popular mobile first front-end development framework which was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for faster, easier and responsive web development.  

Bootstrap includes free collection of tools for creating HTML and CSS based web templates for topography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, models, image slideshows and front end developments.  It provides clean and uniform solution for building an interface for developers with functional and built-in easy to customize components. 

Programmers preferred bootstrap framework since it is easy to get started with powerful grid system which allows you to create highly responsive web development along with including bundled CSS and JavaScript codes which saves time for developing web pages.  

How to get Bootstrap

You will get latest bootstrap with downloading from bootstrap official site or using it with CDN provided by bootstrap as given below. 
<!-- Latest compiled and minified CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" >
<!-- Optional theme -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<!-- Latest compiled and minified JavaScript -->
<script src=""></script>

What's Included With Bootstrap

Once you have download the bootstrap compressed folder, you will get the following file structure when you extract the folder.
├── css/
│   ├── bootstrap.css
│   ├──
│   ├── bootstrap.min.css
│   ├──
│   ├── bootstrap-theme.css
│   ├──
│   ├── bootstrap-theme.min.css
│   └──
├── js/
│   ├── bootstrap.js
│   └── bootstrap.min.js
└── fonts/
    ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot
    ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg
    ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf
    ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff
    └── glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2

How To Create Basic HTML Template  With Bootstrap

You will get very simple examples on getting started page on bootstrap, you can easily customize them for your own uses. The following example shows the basic codes for creating basic HTML template.
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How To Make All External Links Nofollow Using JavaScript

Creating a webpage with proper uses of internal and external links is the oldest and most used way of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). You can create the links in your webpage in two ways using "nofollow" tag, which tell the search engine and crawlers not to follow and crawl your hyperlinks and without using "nofollow" tag, which allows the search engine and crawlers to follow and crawl your hyperlinks.

The rel="nofollow" attribute helps to control the flow of page rank from one website to another and maintain the pagerank of your website. You can create a link with rel="nofollow" attribute as the following. 

<a href="" rel="nofollow">My Link</a>

In this post, I am going to describe different ways of making all the external links of your webpage "nofollow" using simple JavaScript code and Jquery plugin which helps to prevent following SEO juice form your website to the external links.

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Making All External Links Nofollow Using Simple JavaScript Code

You can make all of your external links with nofollow tag using the following simple JavaScript code. It adds  rel="nofollow" attribute along with target attribute to "_blank" and title attribute to "Click to open in new window" on <a href="#">Link</a> tag of all of the external links of your website
 <script type='text/javascript'>
function myFunction() {
    var x = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
    var i;
    for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {
      if (location.hostname!=x[i].hostname){
        x[i].rel = "nofollow";
        x[i].target = "_blank";
        x[i].title = "Click to open in new window";



function LoadEvent(func){

var oldonload = window.onload;

if (typeof window.onload != 'function'){
window.onload = func;
window.onload = function()

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Best 10 Premium SEM SEO and Keyword Research Tools

Optimizing your website for search engines helps to increase the visibility of your website on search engines that increases the ranking and moves your website on the top of the search result. Only the best and premium SEM, SEO and keyword research tools can helps you to find the most profitable keywords  for your website niche to optimize your website content according the the suggestion. 

Here I have created the list of best and premium SEM, SEO and keyword research tools that helps to steal your competitors traffic and uncover their conversion strategy with displaying organic and paid search results along with top organic keywords along with their search trends and CPC and backlink details of your and competitors website.

1. SEMrush 

SEMrush - Premium SEM SEO and Keyword Research Tools

SEMrush is the best SEM, SEO and keyword research tool to find out and analyze the competitive data of your website or keyword which is mostly useful for website owners and digital marketing professionals. This tool helps to steal your competitors traffic and uncover their conversion strategy with displaying organic and paid search results along with top organic keyword and backlink details of your or competitors website which was generated from the biggest keyword database derived from all the search engines.

You will get the following analytics report with this tool to find out your competitors strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building.
  • Organic search results to find out your competitors best keywords  to discover new organic traffic for your website.
  • Paid search results to uncover your competitors online advertising strategies and budget.
  • Backlinks information to conduct deep link analysis and to understand about the referring domains. 
  • Video advertising research to uncover your competitors video advertising strategies to create effective video advertising campaign.
  • And keyword research result to find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.

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Payoneer:Best International Online Payment Processor -Review

Payoneer is a global online payment service provider for cost effect payment in more than 200 countries worldwide which provides international wire transfers, online payments, and prepaid master card service for freelancers, publishers and online affiliates. It provides own US and UK virtual checking bank account where you can directly receive payments from world wide and you will not need to convert money on your local bank account in local currency or can withdraw cash form any ATM or POS worldwide with taking lowest fees.
Payoneer:Best International Online Payment Processor -Review

Who Will Get Benefited

If you are online freelancer and delivering different services through online freelancing sites like upwork, guru, freelancer, fiverr, people per hour, 99designs etc. can receive your earnings through payoneer account. A single account works for all sites to receive the payment, once you have registered can connect all of them on your payoneer account. Publishers of any blog or website, online affiliates and other online marketers  can also be benefited with receiving payments from mass payout companies or requesting for payment  personally.

Who Uses This Service

Following of your trusted freelancing company, online publishing networks and affiliate networks along with other thousands of company and services accepts payments from payoneer.
  1. People Per Hour
  2. PopAds
  4. PropellerAds 
  5. 99designs
  7. Avangate
  8. Elance
  9. Fiverr
  11. Inforlinks
  12. Linkshare
  13. Upwork
  15. Taboola

Main Features and Benefits

You will get the following main features and benefits of  while using Payoneer as your online payment processor service.
  1. You will get easy to use and reliable payment system for getting payments from the US and EU company.
  2. There is no bank accounts needed, you wiill get your own US and UK virtual checking bank account.
  3. You will get payments from different ad networks and affiliate networks easily.
  4. It automatically converts to another currency while shopping or withdrawing from your local bank or ATM.
  5. You can send and receive payment globally with low monthly fee.
  6. It also allows transaction between payoneer accounts with a free of charge.
  7. You don't need to convert your currency, you will get money on your local bank account in local currency automatically.
  8. You will get payoneer prepaid mastercard to withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide.
  9. There are different apps for android and apple to check account balance. 
  10. You can load money from local bank to payoneer account.
  11. There are different payment options are available i.e. deposit to local bank account, master card and wire transfer etc.
  12. You can verify paypal, skrill and payza account with payoneer prepaid mastercard.
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How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website

If you have just started a blog or website and want to grow your website traffic, there is a free and easy to use solution that you  may follow. I have already increased my website traffic by 20% with this easy and free method. There is a free tool which can easily return back your outgoing traffic and increase the number of visitors of your website along with providing awesome and most engaging promoted content related to your website or blog niche. 

This tool is called discover tool which is provided by SumoMe that allows you to get more traffic for your website or blog with connecting over thousands of  SumoMe installed websites. Using this method you can promote your content on other sites that can send free visitors for your website along with displaying others promoted content on your website.

How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website

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These Three Tools Can Viral Your Content on Social Media

Are you really want to make your website or blog content viral on social media and searching for any tools or techniques for making your content viral. I have found three most useful and free to use tools which can generate viral traffic for your website or blog with automatically linking back your content URL on social media networks through your website readers. These are share tool, image sharer tool and highlighter tool provided by SumoMe.

Share tool makes your visitors easier to share the contents whats they like on their favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.  Image Sharer tool provides simple interface for automatic setup to share images which link back to your site and generates viral traffic on your website and Highlighter tool allows your visitors to select certain portion of text which inspires them and want to share on social media networks. Lets know more about the tools in detail.

Share Tool

share tool provided by sumome

You can add share tool on your website or blog which includes most of the major social services like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. which floats on different locations of your webpage. When any visitor reads awesome content from your website or blog, they may likely to share it to their friends, families and more.  

This share tool makes your visitors easier to share the contents whats they like on their favorite social networks which increases the number of shares and number of backlinks for your website. When you have got more share for your website will get more viral traffic then more subscribers, more sales and more revenue

This share tool is well designed to display on all of the device types desktop, laptop, tab and mobile and the buttons are arranged automatically based on their uses for each page, you don't need to arrange them manually. You can also adjust the location of the share tool anywhere of the page with drag and drop method easily.
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Best 10 Google Adsense Alternatives Which I Have Tested

If you want to monetize your website, blog, software, videos and online games; Google Adsense is the best option. But everyone cannot access its account because of its strong filtering for approving publishers for displaying ads or getting banned due to missing any of the rule on their TOS.

Whether you are not approved or getting banned from Google Adsense, you don't became disappointed with it. Since it is the best option, Google Adsense is not only one advertising network in the world. There are lots of advertising networks that shares certain percentage of revenue to their publishers.

I have tried lot of ad networks on my blog and chooses the best ad networks among them and listed on top 10 alternatives on this blog post. I hoped that it will help you to choose the best ad network for your website or blog.


Google Adsense Alternative-H12

H12-Media is the best CPC CPM CPA Ad publishing network among all of the ad networks which I have used on my websites. It offers three types of pricing model, the first one is hard floor pricing where you can specify your minimum selling price in CPM and the unfilled traffic will be sent to your back-up banner codes. The another model is the only CPM option in which the H12 engine automatically manage the CPM campaigns first and the unfilled traffic will be sent to your back-up banner codes.The last model is the fulfill option in which the ad server tries to achieve this via the CPM campaigns first and unfilled banner spaces are passed for the CPC or CPA campaigns.

It supports different sizes 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 120x600, 320x50, 300x600, 468x60, 120x600 for display ads along with Pop Under, Sliding, on-video banner types of ad options and using ASYNC banner tags. You will get paid either from paypal or wire transfer with next day payment or net 30 payment schedule. For more detail visit our detail review of h12 media ads

Google Adsense

I have started displaying ads using this ad network on my blog since 2012 and continuing displaying them. Since its not generating revenue as much as h12 media, it becoming the source for generating extra earning from my blog.  Infolinks is a CPC advertising network for monetizing your blog or website with keeping the Look and feel of their sites undisturbed.

Infolinks publishers can use five types of ad units on their websites or blogs with named InFold, InTag, InText, InScreen and InFrame. It offers different payment methods to their publishers which are PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) or Payoneer and you will get paid after 45 day from the end of the month.  For more detail visit our detail review of Infolinks ads.
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List of Best 10 Free Social Sharing Button Script Providers

Everyone knows that content is the most important key for generating traffic for your website or blog. If you have targeted content which can actually solve the readers problem, they want to share it to their friends and families. Installing social sharing buttons on your website makes them easier to share your content or feed to their friends, family and others.  These social sharing buttons installed on your website helps to gain your content more viral traffic to your website. Here I have listed some of the best and free to use social sharing button script providers along with their features such that you can select one which will appropriate as your needs. provides very simple JavaScript codes for placing social sharing buttons on your website. It provides two sets of JavaScript codes for horizontal and vertical sharing buttons and you don't have to register on the site to use the codes. You can use the following codes for horizontal and vertical sharing buttons provided by it. 
Share Buttons Provided by

Code for  horizontal sharing buttons

 <script>var sharebutton_is_horizontal = false; document.write('<script src="//"></scr' + 'ipt>');</script>

 Code for  vertical sharing buttons

<script>var sharebutton_is_horizontal = true; document.write('<script src="//"></scr' + 'ipt>');</script> provides smart social sharing  and image sharing buttons which are most suitable for desktop, laptop, mobiles and many other devices. You can select and reorder the buttons which displays on the sharing bars floated on your website. It also allows you to adjust the position of the sharing bar but the subscribers of the forever free plan can display only on their default positions. It has different way for installing share buttons than other providers. You have to register, install the universal code on your website and have to add the sharing tool from their application store. 
Social sharing buttons provided by SumoMe

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10 Ways of Getting Sponsored Your Blog by Advertisers

You can monetize your blog with displaying Ads from Ad networks, getting direct Ads, placing affiliate links on your blog posts and promoting others products and services to generate income from affiliate sales and getting sponsored your blog post or placing sponsored links on your blog. Your blog will get sponsored with getting sponsored your new or already published blog post, getting advertorials where all the contents are provided by advertisers, getting sponsored a video and infographic which will be published on your blog and publishing press release provided by advertiser.  In this blog post, I have presented different ways of getting sponsored your blog by advertisers.

1. Writing Blog Posts as Advertisers Requirement

You can get sponsored your blog for a new blog post with writing articles by you according to the advertisers requirements.  The length of article, types of content, number of backlinks and whether to integrate images or videos can be negotiated on agreement between advertiser and you.  You can also set the price for a sponsored post on your blog.

2. Publishing Advertorials Written by Advertiser

If you publish articles written by advertiser themselves and published on your topic relevant blog, they are called advertorials, where all the content, text, images/videos are specified by the advertiser and used by the publisher.

3. Creating Videos and Publishing on Your Blog

You can create videos and publish on your blog for advertisers with a brand message available and the videos can be hosted by an external provider or the advertiser and published by the publisher as a blog article. The video includes a content text that can describe the content of the video and is written by the publisher.

4. Creating an Infographic and Publishing on Your Blog

Your blog can also be sponsored for creating an and publishing Infographic which can explain a complex topic clearly at a glance and is therefore actively shared and distributed with conveying brand messages.  Using Infographic within a blog post is the most effective way of attracting visitors on your blog.

5. Publishing Press Releases Provided by Advertiser

You can generate revenue easily with publishing press releases which are an appropriate way of spreading product and company news that needs to be published word for word. The contents on the blog posts are completely specified by the advertiser which may include image files, such as company logos or product images.

6. Placing Links on Previously Published Blog Post

Placing sponsored links on previously published blog post is another way of monetizing your blog. While sponsoring your blog, advertiser may want to place their websites or blog links on your previously published blog posts. So you can place your rate for sponsoring those links on your blog.

7. Placing Text Links on Your Blog

You may also place sponsored text links on the sidebar, header or footer of your blog or website to generate more revenue on your website.  Google suggest placing only "nofollow" links while placing sponsored links on the websites or blogs, so I would recommend using "nofollow" link on sponsored links.

8. Placing Banners on Your Blog

Your blog sponsor may also want to place banners on your blog, which may also help to generate extra revenue from your blog. These sponsored banners can be placed on the sidebar, footer area, above or below the menu and above or below the header of the blog post.

9. Creating Special Page for Advertiser

Creating special page on your blog for promoting advertisers product or services is another method for getting sponsored your blog post. Since it is a special type of advertising its rate may be higher than other sponsoring methods which can generate little more revenue than other methods.

10. Publishing on Social Media Accounts

Along with placing advertisement banners, text links or blog posts you can earn some revenues with publishing advertisers' content on your social media accounts FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.  You may also set your rate for publishing sponsored posts on your social media accounts based on your number or followers are in your accounts.

You can get sponsored your blog post with these ways either offering them directly on your blog or using third party websites like which provides those services. To offer sponsoring your blog for advertiser, you have to create "advertise with us" or "sponsor us" page with writing different offers along with their prices and contact details. You can also add contact form at bottom of your page. On handling advertiser by you, there may be risk of not getting paid after publishing the post. If you use any third party websites, all of tasks handled by them, you don't have to worry about managing advertisements and payments. 

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Amazing Web Development Communities That Every Web Developer Should Know

Communities. No matter whether you’re an old hand at coding or you just learned what a boolean is, communities are often the most important resource available to you as a programmer, though they are so often overlooked.

“Community” is a somewhat amorphous term; in the coding world, it covers everything from a forum to download centers. Communities are your go-to spot whenever there’s a bug you can’t quite figure out, or you want to start learning a new language and you’re having some difficulties with syntax. There are hundreds of communities out there -- some targeted to beginners, others to experts, and plenty in between -- so to narrow the pool a bit, we’ve gathered together a list of some of our favorites. These are not the be all and end all of communities! This list is just meant to help you get involved in programming communities from all corners of the web so you can start finding the ones that will help you the most. Check them out!

1. Toptal

Toptal is our favorite spot at the moment for all sorts of tips about how to get hired as a freelance developer (or, for those who are interested, how to hire freelancers). Check out their sample interview questions, so you can get an idea of how tough it’ll be to land a gig with an elite company. Make sure you prepare answers that are at least as thoughtful as the sample ones they offer! Once you’ve gone through them, check out the Toptal Engineering Blog-- you’ll find tips about how to market your skills, as well as news on the latest trends in the programming world. Make sure your skills and knowledge are up to date! If you think you’re up to the challenge, you can even check out their application process.

2. Web Development Education Community Wiki

Wow. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but if you can manage to its name five times fast, this site may be the one for you! In all seriousness,Web Development Education Community Wiki is one of the most helpful communities for new developers. This is the place to go if you want to build a website and have absolutely no idea how to do so. First, you can read all of their extremely helpful tutorial articles, and get an idea of the uses of and differences between JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Once you’ve done that, they have an excellent references section, which will direct you to more advanced resources. Finally, they have an incredibly helpful section for teachers, where you can get some ideas and resources for crafting lessons plans for teaching the above three languages.

3. Codewars

Codewars is a totally different sort of site -- it’s geared towards coders who want to test their problem-solving and technical skills. Here’s how it works: you pick your preferred coding language, and then answer a few questions to determine your technical level (kyu). You can up your level by answering challenges (katas) from users from all over the world, and eventually craft your own challenges for others! Once you’ve come up with a solution, you can discuss your process with others to see how they went about solving the same quandary. Though Codewars doesn’t feature all coding languages, you can vote for any ones you don’t see on the site!

4. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is geared towards developers of all levels, though they predominantly have resources for beginners and intermediate coders. They feature tutorials, tips, and debugging help for PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby, among other languages. You can also check out their helpful articles, forums, and APIs to take your coding to the next level. If you like the site, you can get access to more resources by joining their premium membership, but there’s enough free stuff at Sitepoint to make it a great community regardless of whether you pay.

5. Meetups

Close the screen, put on some clothes, and go meet some fellow developers. Online communities provide a wide variety of benefits -- quick responses, interactions with millions of programmers, and others -- but sometimes what you really need is to network and brainstorm with fellow developers in person. If you’re tired of endlessly browsing job listings or waiting for other users to answer a question, head to a local meetup in your area and see if you can network your way onto a cool project. At the very least, it’ll be a chance to meet some new people and get some alternate perspectives on whatever you’re working on. Stretch those legs!

Boom. The above five options are certainly not exhaustive -- far, far from it. We hope, though, that they give you an idea of the vast quantity of resources out there for you, regardless of how long you’ve been programming. There are entire communities dedicated to helping you find work, improve your skills, learn new languages, and become an all-around better programmer. Go find the right ones for you! 

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