MCQ of System Analysis and Design with answer set-4

1. The rate of ……………. Is always an important factor for management especially in relation to the rate of return
A) Cost
B) Benefit
C) Sales
D) Investment

2. Which of the following is / are the Characteristics of information?
A) Accuracy and Relevance
B) Form of information and Timeliness
C) Completeness and Purpose
D) All A, B & C

3. The data Flow Diagram is the basic component of …………… system
A) Conceptual
B) Logical
C) Physical
D) None of the above

4. State True or False.
i) Master Development Plan basically is a schedule of various applications to be comprised.
ii) It consists of start and finish dates of a system analysis, design implementation and maintenance activities.
A) i-True, ii-True
B) i-False, ii-True
C) i-True, ii-False
D) i-False, ii-False

5. The Key considerations involved in the feasibility analysis is / are ……………….
A) Economic
B) Technical
C) Behavioral
D) A, B, C

6. Data cannot flow between two data stores because
A) it is not allowed in DFD
B) a data store is a passive repository of data
C) data can get corrupted
D) they will get merged

7. …………………… is a schedule of various applications to be computerized.
A) Materials planning
B) Master development Plan
C) Manufacturing organization
D) None of the above

8. ……………. Costs for a computer based information system include the salaries of the system analysts and computer programmers. ………… costs for a computer based information system include the salaries of the computer operator and other data processing personnel.
A) Development, Development
B) Development, Operating
C) Operating, Development
C) Operating, Operating

9. The characteristics of well designed system are
a) Practical          b) Effective         c) Secure             d) Reliable           e) Flexible           f) Economical

A) a, b, c and d
B) a, c, d and e
C) a, b, c, d and e

D) a, b, c, d, e and f

10. …………….. gives defining the flow of the data through and organization or a company or series of tasks that may or may not represent computerized processing.
A) System process
B) System flowchart
C) System design
D) Structured System

1.   D) Investment
2.   D) All A, B & C
3.   B) Logical
4.   A) i-True, ii-True
5.   D) A, B, C
6.   D) they will get merged
7.   B) Master development Plan
8.   B) Development, Operating
9.   D) a, b, c, d, e and f
10.   B) System flowchart