Solved MCQ of System Analysis and Design Set-2

Q.1 ………… is a sort of blueprint of the system Development Effort.

Q. 2 Data store in a DFD represents.
A) a sequential file
B) a disk store
C) a repository of data
D) a random access memory

Q.3 …………… system consists of programs, data files and documentation
A) Conceptual
B) Logical
C) Physical
D) None of the above

Q.4 …………… is a good example of deterministic system.
A) Life cycle
B) Computer Program
C) Software Program
D) None of the above

Q.5 The main ingredient of the report documenting the ……………… is the cost benefit analysis.
A) System Analysis
B) Feasibility Study
C) System Analyst
D) System Design

Q.6  A data flow can
A) Only a data store
B) Only leave a data store
C) Enter or leave a data Store
D) Either enter or leave a data store but not both

Q.7  Changing the relationship with and services provided to customers in such a way that they will not think of changing suppliers is called ………….
A) Lock in customers
B) Lock out customers
C) Lock in competitors
D) Lock out competitors

Q.8  …………… can be defined as data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and is of real or perceived value in current or prospective decisions.
A) Information
B) Data collection
C) Internal data
D) Sample data

Q.9  Increased volume of sales is an example of ………….…. Benefit. Reduction of bad debts is an example of ………..
A) Tangible, Intangible
B) Tangible, Tangible
C) Intangible, Tangible
D) Intangible, Intangible

Q.10  A data cannot flow between a store and
i) a store              ii) a process        iii) an external entity

A) i and iii
B) i and ii
C) ii and iii
D) ii


1. A) MDP
2. C) a repository of data
3. C) Physical
4. B) Computer Program
5. B) Feasibility Study
6. C) Enter or leave a data Store
7. A) Lock in customers
8. A) Information
9. D) Intangible, Intangible
10. A) i and iii
Solved MCQ of System Analysis and Design Set-2
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