How to Show Pop Up Window Using JavaScript

You can show pop up window By using JavaScript method which loads specified URL into a new or existing window and returns the window object that represents that window.

The method takes four optional arguments which are URL of the window, Window name, attributes of window, the boolean value to replace or not the current window.

Syntax:"windowname.html", "New Window", "width=width in pixel, height=height in pixel, status=yes or no, resizable=yes or no");

The first argument of method allows to display given URL in the new window. If the argument is omitted, the special blank-page URL:about:blank is used.

The second argument of method is a string which specifies a window name. If the argument is omitted, the special name "_blank" is used which opens a new, unnamed window.

The third optional argument of method is a comma-separated list of size and features attributes for the new window to be opened. If you omit this argument, the new window is given a default size and has a full set of UI components: a menu bar, status bar, toolbar etc.

The fourth optional argument of is useful only when the second argument names an existing window. It is a boolean value that indicates whether the URL specified as the first argument should replace the current entry in the window's browsing history: written true, or create a new entry in the window's browsing history: written false. And omitting the argument is same as written false.

Here is an example to open a small but resizable browser window with a status bar but no menu bar, tool-bar, or location bar."new_window.html", "New Window", "width=400, 
height=350, status=yes, resizable=yes");

Here status bar is showing using status=yes and the window is resizable  using resizable=yes, if you don't want to show status bar, you can use status=no and want the fixed window, can use resizable=no in the argument.

To open a new pop up window on onclick event of button, you can use the following code.

<input type=button name="open" value="Open window"
','new window', 'width=400, height=350, status=yes, resizable=yes');">


To open a new pop up window on <a> href link, you can use the following code.

<a href="javascript:void
('', 'new window', 
'width=400, height=350, status=yes, resizable=yes');
">Open Pop Up window</a>


Open Pop Up window

The return value of the method is the window object that represents the named or newly created window. You can use this window object in you JavaScript code to refer to the new window and to specify the properties on it as given below.

w.alert("You are going to visit:");

Here you can specify other properties like width, height, status, resizable given above. And you can assign variable w for any windows event or on any event trigger using JavaScript.

"Pop Up" and "Pop Under" advertisements are made by using this method while you browse the web. JavaScript codes that tries to open a pop up window when the browser first loads, browsers blocked them. So the advertisements are made to run pop up windows only in response to a user action such as clicking on button and clicking on link. 

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