Solved MCQ on Fundamental of DBMS set-10

1) Which of the following is not a characteristic of a relational database model?
A. Table
B. Tree like structure
C. Complex logical relationship
D. Records
2) Field is otherwise called as ……… of the record
A. data item
B. data type
C. value
D. variable
3) A table can have only one
A. Secondary key
B. Alternate key
C. Unique key
D. Primary key
4) A field can be called as ……….. in relation context.
A. random file
B. direct file
C. attribute
D. tuple
5) In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as
A. Number of tuples
B. Number of attributes
C. Number of tables
D. Number of constraints
6) The …….. is used for creating and destroying table, indexes and other forms of structures.
A. data manipulation language
B. data control language
C. transaction control language
D. data definition language
7) The view of total database content is
A. Conceptual view
B. Internal view
C. External view
D. Physical view
8) The ………… refers to the way data is organized in and accessible from DBMS.
A. database hierarchy
B. data organization
C. data sharing
D. data model
9) Architecture of the database can be viewed as
A. two levels
B. four levels
C. three levels
D. one level
10) …….. introduced the relational database rules.
A. Atul kahate
B. James Gossling
C. EF Codd
D. Dennies Rithchie

11) In a relational model, relations are termed as
A. Tuples
B. Attributes
C. Tables
D. Rows
12) When the values in one or more attributes being used as a foreign key must exist in another set of one or more attributes in another table, we have created a(n) ……..
A. transitive dependency
B. insertion anomaly
C. referential integrity constraint
D. normal form
13) In the architecture of a database system external level is the
A. physical level
B. logical level
C. conceptual level
D. view level
14) A functional dependency is a relationship between or among …….
A. tables
B. rows
C. relations
D. attributes
15) Related fields in a database are grouped to form a
A. data file
B. data record
C. menu
D. bank
16) ………. is, a table have more than one set of attributes that could be chosen as the key
A. foreign key
B. integrity key
C. relationship
D. candidate key
17) The database environment has all of the following components except.
A. users
B. separate files
C. database
D. database administrator
18) The operation of eliminating columns in a table done by …….. operation.
A. Restrict
B. Project
C. Union
D. Divide
19) The way a particular application views the data from the database that the application uses is a
A. module
B. relational model
C. schema
D. sub schema
20) ……. is a condition specified on a database schema and restricts the data that can be stored in an instance of the database.
A. Key Constraint
B. Check Constraint
C. Foreign key constraint
D. integrity constraint


1) B. Tree like structure
2) A. data item
3) D. Primary key
4) C. attribute
5) A. Number of tuples
6) D. data definition language
7) A. Conceptual view
8) D. data model
9) C. three levels
10) C. EF Codd
11) C. Tables
12) C. referential integrity constraint
13) D. view level
14) D. attributes
15) B. data record
16) D. candidate key
17) A. users
18) B. Project
19) D. sub schema
20) B. Check Constraint

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