Solved MCQs of Visual Basic.Net set-1

1. Which of the following Loop structure does not supported by VB.Net?
A. Do ................ Loop
B) For ................... Next
C) Do ................ While
D) For Each ............ While

2. The _____ model does not offer a model for source code reuse.
D. .Net

3. _____ allow custom items of information about a program element to be stored with an assembly's metadata.
A. Properties
B. Attributes
C. Methods
D. Classes

4. The corresponding .Net FCL type for Short is ___________.
A. System.Int32
B. System.Int64
C. System.Int16
D. System.Object

5. The member "clear" of the Array class that sets a range of array elements to zero, false or null reference is a _____________ method.
A. Shared
B. Method
C. Class
D. Object

6. The ___________ method converts an OLE automation date value to a DateTime Instance.
A. Today
B. TimeOfDay
C. Now
D. FromOADate

7. The function procedures are ___________ by default.
A. public
B. private
C. protected
D. inherited

8. Every optional argument in the procedure definition must specify a _________ value which must be a constant expression.
A. constant
B. default
C. integer
D. character

9. Type casting in VB.Net is implemented by means of ____________ statement.
A. Type()
B. TypeDef()
C. Btype()
D. Ctype()

10. State whether the statement true or false.
i) Function procedures are public by default.
ii) Function procedure return values whereas sub procedures cannot return a value to the calling procedure.
A. True, True
B. True, False
C) False, True
D) False, False

1. C) Do .............. While
2. C. COM
3. B. Attributes
4. C. System.Int16
5. A. Shared
6. D. From OA Date
7. A. public
8. B. default
9. D. Ctype()
10. A. True, True