Solved MCQ of Java for Java Proficiency test set-3

1. All java classes are derived from
A) java.lang.Class
B) java.util.Name
C) java.lang.Object
D) java.awt.Window

2. The jdb is used to
A) Create a jar archive
B) Debug a java program
C) Create C header file
D) Generate java documentation

3. What would happen if "String[]args" is not included as argument in the main method.
A) No error
B) Compilation error
C) Program won't run
D) Program exit

4. For execution of DELETE SQL query in JDBC, ............. method must be used.
A) executeQuery()
B) executeDeleteQuery()
C) executeUpdate()
D) executeDelete()

5. Which method will a web browser call on a new applet?
A) main method
B) destroy method
C) execute method
D) init method

6. Which of the following is not mandatory in variable declaration?
A) a semicolon
B) an identifier
C) an assignment
D) a data type

7. When a program class implements an interface, it must provide behavior for
A) two methods defined in that interface
B) any methods in a class
C) only certain methods in that interface
D) all methods defined in that interface

8. In order to  run JSP ....................  is required.
A) Mail Server
B) Applet viewer
C) Java Web Server
D) Database connection

9. State true of false.
i) AWT is an extended version of swing
ii) Paint( ) of Applet class cannot be overridden
A) i-false, ii-false
B) i-false,ii-true
C) i-true, ii-false
D) i-true, ii-true

10. Prepared Statement object in JDBC used to execute........... queries.
A) Executable
B) Simple
C) High level
D) Parameterized

1.       C) java.lang.Object
2.       B) Debug a java program
3.       C) Program won't run
4.       C) executeUpdate()
5.       D) init method
6.       C) an assignment
7.       D) all methods ... interface
8.       C) Java Web Server
9.       A) i-false, ii-false
10.   D) Parameterized
Solved MCQ of Java for Java Proficiency test set-3
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