100’s Best Software Testing Tutorials

Here are the collections of software testing tutorials that includes the tutorials about the fundamental of software testing, manual software testing techniques, fundamental of automated testing and automated testing with selenium.

Fundamental of Software Testing

This session includes software testing tutorials on definitions of software testing, main purpose of software testing and the common software testing techniques along with their examples. It includes about different types of software testing such as Functional Testing, Boundary Value Testing, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing, Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing, Installation Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing and Negative Testing.

Manual Software Testing Techniques

This section includes software testing tutorials on the different techniques of manual software testing along with the examples. It includes exploratory testing guidelines with example test cases, most common GUI errors that may occur on software, different tools to record screen, getting browser console log, record logs with Charles proxy, capturing android logs with minimal ADB and Fastboot and the common security testing techniques used in software testing.

Fundamental of Automated Testing

This section includes software testing tutorials on the definition of automated testing and the needs of automated testing in terms of accuracy, consistency, repeatability, speed and automaticity. It also includes a quick introduction of different software testing automation tools such as Selenium, Jmeter, Testim, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Unified Functions Testing(UFT), Test Complete, Sahi, Ranorex, Watir, Katalon Studio and Robot Framework

Automated Testing With Selenium

This section includes software testing tutorials on the introduction of the selenium tool suite and about the different tools such as Selenium RC (Remote Control) or Selenium 1, Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid.

Selenium IDE

This section includes software testing tutorials on starting test automation and writing test cases in selenium IDE and the common selenium IDE commands. It also includes different ways of locating elements in Software Testing. It includes locating elements by CSS, by Tag and ID, by Tag and Class, by Tag and Attribute etc.

Selenium WebDriver

This section includes software testing tutorials on getting started with selenium webdriver which includes installing Java Development Kit(JDK), Eclipse IDE and selenium client driver for Java in Eclipse IDE. It also includes tutorials about the different selenium webdriver commands. You may also find using advanced selenium webdriver commands for handling windows, popups, assertions, cookies and web tables.

Jmeter Tutorials

This section includes a collection of software testing tutorials on the fundamentals of Jmeter and getting started with Jmeter. It also includes different types of assertions and listeners used on Jmeter along with creating database test plan in Jmeter using MySQL.