1000’s Best Software Engineering MCQ Questions

This collection of software engineering MCQ questions includes 1000’s of multiple choice interview questions on the concept of software engineering and it’s importance which grows in software community in order to develop technologies that will make software development process much easier, faster and less expensive. It has been separated into the following sections.

Fundamental Of Software Engineering

This section includes software engineering MCQ questions from meaning and definition of software engineering, various software development models such as serial or linear sequential model, iteration model, increment model and parallel or concurrent development model. It also covers objective questions from evolution of role of software, software characteristics and software applications.

Software Reliability

This section includes software engineering MCQ questions on software reliability metrics, programming for reliability along with fault avoidance and fault tolerance.

Software Design Principles

This section covers software engineering MCQ questions on system models such as dataflow models, semantic data models such as dataflow models, semantic data models, object models and data dictionaries. Software design principles also include design process, design methods, design strategies and design quality.

Object Oriented Design

This section includes software engineering MCQ questions on objects, object classes and inheritance, object identification and object aggregation. It also includes service usage, object interface design evolution, function-oriented design and structure decomposition.

Configuration Management

This section covers change management, version and release management, software maintenance, software re-engineering and software re-factoring.

Software Testing Techniques And Strategies

This section covers the software engineering MCQ questions from software testing fundamentals, testing principles, white box testing, control structure testing, black box testing and boundary value analysis. It also includes the verification and validation of test plan and test strategies along with different methods of organizing for software testing and software testing strategy.

Software Development Strategies

This section includes software engineering MCQ questions on the characteristics of software development strategies, life cycle models and risk reduction models. It also includes the case tools, object oriented model, and the reuse model. Different process improvement models such as productivity driven dynamic process modeling, human factors in the development model, capability maturity model and personal and team software development model included here. You may also find about open source development model, agile software development, rapid application development model, workflow application model and aspect oriented development.