Java MCQ Questions Collection

This collection of Java MCQ questions includes 1000’s of objective questions on fundamental of Java Programming Language, arrays, strings and vectors. It also includes the MCQ questions on Fundamental of Java Language, MCQs on Arrays, strings and vectors, interfaces and packages, Multi threaded programming and managing error and exceptions along with Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) of applet and graphics programming and managing Input/Output Files in Java.

Fundamental of Java

This section includes collections of multiple choice objective questions on fundamental and overview of Java language, Java tokens, keywords, identifiers, literals and operators, constants, variables and data types in Java, Operators and expressions, Control structure in Java, decision making and looping, definition of classes, objects and methods.

Operators and Control Flow Statements

This section includes collections of multiple choice objective questions on  arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, assignment operators, increment decrements operators, conditional operators, bit-wise operators, dot operator(.) and instance of operators, decision making statements like if-else and switch statements, looping statements like for loop, while loop and do-while loop along with other statements like break, continue and label statements.

Arrays, Strings Vectors

This section includes collections of multiple choice objective questions on different types of arrays like one dimensional arrays and two dimensional arrays, declaring the array, creating memory location, most commonly used string methods in Java, vector class and wrapper classes.

Inheritance, Package And Interface

This section includes the collections of multiple choice questions on implementing inheritance in java, defining packages and interfaces. It also includes about creating package, adding more classes to a package and accessing the contents of a package.

Streams and Applets

This section includes the collections of MCQ questions on the methods used in InputStream, MarkableStream and OutputStream class in Java. It also includes objective questions on definition of applets, the applet class, uses of applets in HTML, life cycle of an applet and the graphics class in Java Applet.

Exception Handling

This section includes objective questions on Exception Handling in Java includes MCQ questions on compile time and run-time errors occurred in java programming. It includes the collections of objective questions from definition of exception, exception classes, common java exceptions, different exception handling keywords such as try, catch and finally.

JDBC, JSP And Java Beans

This section includes objective type multiple choice questions on fundamental of JDBC, JSP and Java Beans, difference between Servlets and JSP, formats of JSP syntax, part of the java Developer’s Kit, different phases of the servlet life cycle.