1000’s Best DBMS MCQ Questions Collection

Here the collection of DBMS MCQ questions that include 1000’s Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) related to the Database Management System(DBMS). It includes DBMS MCQ questions collection on the fundamentals of DBMS, SQL Server, Oracle, and Distributed Databases. It also includes objective types of questions on oracle architecture, distributed database overview, PL/SQL functions, procedures and packages, distributed database design, and query processing. These sets of multiple-choice questions also include types of distributed databases and transaction management, distributed database backup and recovery, and building SQL Server database.

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MCQs on Fundamental of DBMS

This section includes the collection of DBMS MCQ questions on fundamentals of Database Management System(DBMS), the introduction of Database Model, Relational Database Model, Constraints, data integrity, entity integrity, types of entity, join, natural join and Relational Algebra. You will also find objective type questions on definition and types of Structured Query Language(SQL), Embedded SQL, Database Normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NF, 5NF, and DKNF) and Data Storage Devices, Architecture of DBMS and Database Security, characteristic of a relational database, and the architecture of a database system Integrity and Quality.

Structured Query Language (SQL) MCQs

This section includes collections of DBMS MCQ Questions on Structured Query Language (SQL). So that, you will find collections of objective questions on different data types – Data Definition Language (DDL) statements, Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Control Language (DCL) along with examples of SQL statements. It also includes MCQ questions on writing SQL statements inside an embedded SQL program, data definition language commands, and data manipulation language commands used in the structured query language

SQL Server DBMS MCQ Questions

In this section, you will be able to find collections of DBMS MCQ questions on SQL server and Structured Query Language. You will also find MCQ questions on the concept of SQL server platforms and its interaction with the Operating System and client/server architecture. This section also covers objective questions on the types of SQL servers, components and administrative tools used in SQL Server.

PL/SQL and Oracle DBMS MCQ Questions

This section includes collections of DBMS MCQ questions on PL/SQL which increases the expressiveness of SQL, process query results and optimize combined SQL statements. It also includes objective questions on database objects and Oracle’s component overview. In this section, you will also find interview questions on object-oriented features of Oracle, like type inheritance, object types, and methods.

MySQL DBMS MCQ Questions