1000’s Best Basic IT MCQ Questions

Here you can find 1000’s of  Basic IT MCQ questions which include the objective questions on Fundamental of Computer,  Microsoft Office Word and its Features, Microsoft Excel and its Features, and Microsoft PowerPoint and its Features. All of the Objective Questions available here are listed under the categories of Fundamental of Computer, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

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Fundamental of Computer

This section includes basic IT MCQ questions on History of Computer, Kinds of Computers in respect of size and function, Generations of Computers, Parts, and Functions of computer, Components, and Architecture of Computers, Input devices like keyboard, mouse, Joystick, Output devices like Monitors, Printers, Processing devices like Central Processing Unit(CPU) and Memory and Storage devices Hard disk drive, CD, DVD, and other USB devices.

Microsoft Office Word

This section includes the collection of solved basic IT MCQ questions on Microsoft Word. It includes multiple-choice questions about different shortcut keys used on MS Word, Header and Footer, Adding Page numbers, Minimum and Maximum zoom size or font size used on MS Word, the maximum number of columns and types of mail merge documents.

Microsoft Office Excel

This section includes the objective types of basic IT MCQ questions on MS Excel in MS office. It includes MCQ questions on the basic steps in creating a worksheet, formatting of data level, entering values and formulas, embedded chart, worksheet design criterion, data marker on a chart, absolute cell reference in ms excel. It also includes objective questions on MS excel worksheet data and chart, integrating MS word and excel, comments put in cells, getting data from a cell located in a different sheet, the graphic object on a chart, concatenation of text and inserting a blank embedded MS excel object in a word document.