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Best Fax Software for Windows 10

Numerous services are available in the market. To decrease your headache, here are some of the best fax software solutions that are shortlisted for Windows 10.

CocoFax (Recommended)

CocoFax is a trustworthy fax service to send and receive faxes. You can use this faxing solution to communicate with international clients. For your convenience, CocoFax offers windows 10 fax software. It is safe to send and receive sensitive documents through fax.

CocoFax-Best Fax Software

If you need a portable faxing solution, CocoFax will be the right choice. With the use of CocoFax, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a virtual fax machine. It gets recognition from TechRadar, Forbes, Life Wire, Tom’s Guide, PCMag, etc.

Free Fax number register

You can start your trial with CocoFax for free. You will get a free fax number while signing up. This reputed brand allows you to pick your favorite number.

CocoFax is famous for encrypted and HIPAA compliant solutions for sensitive documents. You must not worry about the security of your documents.

There are more than one million satisfied customers all around the world. You will get a free trial for almost 30 days and a free fax number. After 30 days, you can upgrade your subscription. For more details, feel free to visit the official website of CocoFax.

CocoFax account registration

You will need your email address to sign up with CocoFax. Feel free to create your account and start using their incredible faxing solution. It may help you to impress your customers. This faxing solution is capable of managing the high-volume of faxes.

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Do you need a fax service for domestic faxing? RingCentral can be the right choice. This service is reasonable and flexible in the market. You may get different packages, such as 500 to 2,500 per month.

The cost of every package can be different. Make sure to choose the best package as per your needs. Feel free to integrate this service with GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and Outlook to retrieve relevant documents. It allows you to send faxes through Windows 10.

Venta Fax

Venta fax is another faxing solution for the system of answering machines and computers. Remember, this service requires you to purchase a fax modem. If you need a completely portable service, CocoFax is the right choice.

To use this fax solution, you must have the necessary hardware. Moreover, it is not easy to use this service. No doubt, it is a workable fax solution for people who have a fax modem.


MetroFax is a fax service to receive and send faxes through Windows 10. It allows you to use mobile devices to manage faxes. Remember, this fax service has an outdated interface. You will not get a digital signature tool from MetroFax.

Moreover, it is not suitable for international faxing. You will need CocoFax to manage international faxing. Remember, different pricing tiers are available for the users of MetroFax. It allows you to send nearly 500 pages. Some people find it expensive and unreliable.

Windows Scan and Fax Software of Microsoft

Keep in mind Windows computers are available with scan and fax software. If you want to use this software to send out free faxes, you have to arrange a modem and a phone line. It is essential to set up your personal computer.

If you don’t want to use a phone line and a modem, you can use CocoFax. It is a trustworthy and encrypted solution. To use Windows scan and fax software, you will not need the internet. You may be able to send international faxes, but the procedure is complicated.


In a nutshell, CocoFax is one of the best fax software among its competitors. Every service has its advantages and disadvantages, but no one can compete with CocoFax. If you want a fax solution for your business, pick CocoFax.

It is designed to satisfy every customer. You will find it suitable for your small and large business. For occasional users, RingCentral can be the right name. If you have a fax modem, you can use Venta Fax.

If you want a virtual faxing solution, CocoFax can impress both you and your clients. For maximum security and HIPAA compliance, businesses blindly trust CocoFax. Start your free trial with this reputed brand today.

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5 Great Tech Tools That Are Helping Students Get Ahead Wed, 01 Jul 2020 15:24:19 +0000 A new wave of technological development is also ushering in an unprecedented era of learning. Now more than ever, teachers and parents are taking advantage of digital education tools to facilitate easier communication, enhance retention, and empower students to take charge of their own learning.

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List of 5 Great Tech Tools That Are Helping Students

Here’s our roundup of 5 great tech tools that are helping students get ahead in school.

1. Interactive Presentation Decks

Boring PowerPoints be gone! Now, there are hundreds of presentation software that take the standard presentation deck and turn it into a creative, engaging masterpiece of learning. Most software is completely free and incorporates visually-appealing, moving elements that present information in a memorable way. Creating an original, fun presentation will set your student apart in a sea of monotonous templates and even impress their teacher. Prezi is a popular option, allowing an audience to follow content captured spatially instead of in a linear format.

The slides move as you present them, creating a distinct cognitive link for the audience. Google Slides also offers hundreds of colorful templates suited for any topic. With these kinds of presentation tools, you’ll never get caught giving a bad presentation again.

2. Live Learning Quiz Games

There is increasing evidence that incorporating game-play in education helps students retain information at a faster speed. It can even add a healthy dose of competition. With live learning quiz game platforms, educators can create a digital quiz within minutes, display it on a large screen, and allow students to compete and see who can get the most right answers in the littlest amount of time.

Kahoot and Gimkit are two notable options that don’t require a sign-up or subscription. With Kahoot, all you need is a game pin and a device with an internet connection to start playing. This software incentivizes students to learn, giving them the added bonus of winning in-game prizes for choosing an answer correctly. With near-constant access to smartphones, students can have fun using these platforms while memorizing information and competing against their friends. 

Along with quiz games, these can also be used as study tools to help students with upcoming tests. It gives them the chance to put their knowledge to the test and be better prepared for the information they need to know on essay questions and multiples choice tests. It can also help them to be better test-takers, by giving them a chance to practice answering questions under a time limit. There’s no longer a need to buy a giant box of flashcards, now you can be prepared using these online quizzing platforms.

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3. Academic Transcription Services

One of the fastest-growing markets in education is in transcription services for academics. These services especially aid students who need extra help writing down lecture or discussion notes for later reading and review. With improved accuracy and quick turnaround rates, online transcription can provide a student with more time to start studying the material and gain a broader understanding of the content. Many of these services offer customized transcriptions for a broad range of academic levels, including high school, college, and graduate programs. If your student is worried about accuracy, these services tend to offer added proofreading for accurate summaries of each key point.

These services are also amazing if your student has a learning disability and needs help with writing notes. For example, if your student is deaf, using a transcription service can give them lecture notes in real-time and give them the opportunity to read everything that is being said in class, and also give them notes to review for later. It can be a great study tool and help set your student up for success.

4. Project Management Softwares

It can be extremely helpful for students to track the progress of their projects from start to finish, and get a picture of their personal achievements. Now, digital platforms take goal tracking out of a notebook and onto a virtual, interactive screen. Students can create boards and lists that give a comprehensive picture of priority tasks, big-picture ideas, and smaller assignments, all in the same place. Trello, an online organization platform, has seen increased usage in schools. With color-coding features and collaborative links, students can work in teams to solve group problems and meet deadlines on time. 

Having a way to track progress and see visually where you are in relation to your goals is a great motivator and can help your student to see their progress throughout the year as well.

5. Virtual Flashcards

Flashcards are an age-old way for students to test and repeat information, creating a lasting cognitive connection. But, writing down information on each card can be time-consuming. In response, virtual flashcards have exploded in popularity, creating a digital way for students to get studying faster and increase long-term memorization. Students can enter in information to be displayed on the “card” and spend as much time as needed interacting with the contents. Instead of carrying around a bulk set of loose paper that can quickly become lost, students can access these digital cards anywhere and at any time. Pear Deck and Quizlet are two great, free software that only requires a simple account setup to get started.

With all the great new technology tools out there, learning is becoming more collaborative and fun. With a recent shift to increased digital education, these tools can further set your student apart in the classroom and inspire a life-long passion for learning.

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How to protect your loved ones with a phone? Fri, 26 Jun 2020 08:07:39 +0000 Today, we use our phones for multiple things. This is undoubtedly true because our phone is capable of performing a lot of tasks in a go such as browsing the internet, taking personal photos, booking, or checking credit card statements. But here is yet another amazing truth. This shouldn’t surprise you if I say that your phone may actually help you to protect your loved ones safe and protected. Yes, you read it correctly! So, let’s head over to the article to read intensively about how to protect your loved ones with a phone, using spyware for android.

Why do you use spyware?

Spyware for android phones is a software application that lets you monitor the usage of mobile devices by the target user. With increasing incidents of cybercrimes, it has become crucial these days that you monitor online activities of your loved ones from getting involved in any farce activities, cyberbullying, or device misuse. To avoid so, it is recommended that you use spyware programs that are efficient in dealing with such problems. Their features allow you to keep a vigilant eye on messages, shared photos, internet browsing history, and track location of the target device and send you alert notifications quickly.

How can you protect your loved ones from your phone?

Phone-tracking is an easier yet amazing resolution to find everything about your loved ones from your phone. Constantly asking on texts for updates can be frustrating and unsatisfactory as sometimes you don’t get the true update. This job of yours is made pretty convenient via phone-tracking apps that gives you the real update and information related to your loved ones, be it your spouses, kids or partners. These applications are spyware that can be used by anyone who would want to keep a tab on activities and whereabouts of people who matter most to them.

There are a lot of spyware apps available online that are designed with an aim to give you a sense of security and safety about your loved one. They are compatible across all devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and ensure up to the mark tracking solutions. However, it is imperative to note that tracking the phones of your loved ones is considered legal unless you are not compromising their privacy or breaching the law.

Review of Hoverwatch spyware for Android

Hoverwatch provides a complete tracking solution for android. It is one of the most efficient spyware applications to be used as tracking all the user actions on the android device to be tracked. The software offers great monitoring and parental control solutions to android users. It will give you access to the target device location in real-time, as well as its call history, internet activities, audio, and text messages. You can also monitor social media and communication apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. All the activities are recorded and uploaded to the client’s personal panel so that they can be easily accessed and analyzed later. 

Moreover, it can take snap photos with the phone’s front camera every time the device is unlocked to easily identify the user holding the phone. This feature of Hoverwatch is really helpful for your android devices in providing protection against lost or stolen situations.

Hoverwatch tracking program functionality

Hoverwatch tracking program comprises a comprehensive set of functionalities that provide a solid platform for remote monitoring of target android devices, without being detected. Let’s discuss some of its essential features:

  1. Once installed, Hoverwatch works in stealth mode as a hidden cell phone tracker by removing its launch icon. This way, it is almost impossible for the user of the target device to detect.
  2. Phone Internet History from the target phone is recorded by Hoverwatch.
  3. The most important Geodata feature helps you to track the phone location of your loved ones, using GPS, Wi-Fi signals and cell towers.
  4. You can easily access the contact list and numbers stored in the address book of the user.
  5. This spyware lets you record and track calls, text messages, images received and sent from the target device.
  6. You can easily monitor and save user’s activities on social media including SMS and MMS.
  7. With Hoverwatch, you are even allowed to use a single account for multiple devices.
  8. The program sends you an alert notification on SIM Card replacement by the user of the target phone.
  9. It lets you take the photos from the Front Camera as well as a snapshot of the screen, every time the device is unlocked of the target phone. 
  10. You can view call history and missed calls.

How to install the Hoverwatch Tracking program on your Android phone?

Installation of the Hoverwatch Tracking program on an android phone is quite easy and simple. You need not have specialized knowledge how to install and use the program. Just follow the listed few steps and you are ready to go:

  1. Firstly, you need to sign-up with Hoverwatch software on the website to open an online free account, by providing some of your personal information, such as name, address, email address and password.
  2. Once your online account is open, you can download and install the software on the target mobile device.
  3. You can now start tracking the target mobile device through your online account as per your requirements.

Prices and Plans

Hoverwatch spyware is available for a free trial that doesn’t require credit card details. The software offers three different paid plans i.e. Personal, Professional, and Business, to avail all of its monitoring functions. The rate for the plans is listed in the table below:

PlanPersonal PlanProfessional/Family PlanBusiness Plan
No. of tracking devices1 Device5 Devices25 Devices
1 month$24.95$49.95$149.95
3 month$59.95$99.95$299.95
1 year$99.95$199.95$499.95


In conclusion, the Hoverwatch tracking spyware is the best phone spy software and parental control app that not only allows you to track the usage activity of the target mobile device but also offers proven solutions to protect and secure your loved ones under your continuous supervision. 

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10 Pros and Cons of Back-end Development Wed, 24 Jun 2020 01:49:51 +0000 Backend services handle Web applications’ ‘behind the scenes’ functionality. Its code helps connect the web to a database, provides virtual connections, and power the web app itself. In tandem with the front end, back-end development works to deliver the final product to the end-user.

Advantages of Back-end Development

Here are some of its advantages of back-end development in the software development process.

Runs in Different Environments

Companies today deploy websites and web applications in a range of environments. For starters, some businesses choose sites operating on database servers, and others install online apps in the cloud. Around the same period, more companies are now merging all hosting services to take advantage of advantages such as improved capacity and scalability. The setup of the Web server varies from network to network. The programmers also frequently distribute workload server-side over multiple machines. The varying hosting environments make customizing website backend essential for developers.

Makes information sharing faster

The backend consists of three critical elements of a website, i.e., application, web server, and database, as mentioned previously. Each user should be able to provide his / her login name and password while accessing a website’s user interface. The username ID and the user’s password is checked via the runtime. Similarly, any details that the user submits is processed in the backend application in the repositories. The backend often retrieves data from the archive and transfers the details to the web interface for the app view. Hence, a website’s backend serves as its framework and enables the sharing of knowledge.

Requires Code Logic

Nowadays, most programmers keep a website’s user interface and application logic separate to simplify its development and maintenance. The application logic also performs the routine data processing required by each firm in addition to incorporating an application’s domain and infrastructure components. A web site’s backend contains its logic for an application. The developers must, therefore, focus on the development of the backend web to seamlessly switch from one frontend to another, and make multiple user interfaces access the same application logic.

Impacts the Website’s User Experience

A website’s accessibility and user interface will, over the long term, depend on its success. As noted earlier, the backend performs all tasks required to make a website function. And the consistency of backend technology can influence the user interface provided by a website. Any problems with the backend code can lead to frequent website crashes, slow running of the site, and similar performance issues. At the same time, small vulnerabilities in the backend code will render the website susceptible to targeted ransomware attacks and protection. Developers must concentrate on the consistency and layout of the backend code to ensure that the site offers a better user experience without interruption.

Adds Functionality Utility to each Frontend Development

When developing a website, programmers are required to write backend code to add utility to the functionality of each frontend. For example, to add functionality to a user login form, they must write code using a server-side programming language. The backend code collects the values each time a user enters his login credentials and compares them with the login data stored in databases. Similarly, the backend code adds functionality to different forms, profiles, and accounts. Without quality backend technology, thus, no website will work.

Disadvantages of Back-end Development

While it may have its benefits, it also has some disadvantages. Following are some of the disadvantages of back-end development.

No personalized automated operations: there is no choice for specialized atomic services, which makes it impossible to solve the market problems.

Limited count operations: there are limited count operations that vary each time and do not exceed 160.

Less control: Consumers have fewer network power that prohibits them from executing those activities as they wish.

Security issues: If security is your primary concern, you should opt for a custom backend cloud dedicated to you alone. You will need to formulate protection strategies that can vary according to business models.

Send notifications delayed: Update updates may be postponed, often only up to an hour.

It is also essential for developers to perform backend services by selecting the correct language and framework for programming. Since they have the option to choose from many programming languages on the server-side, the programmers have to choose the language that meets all project needs. They also need to pick the right web development framework and tools according to the programming language specific to the server-side.

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Top 8 benefits that a blogger gets by blogging anonymously Wed, 17 Jun 2020 10:43:36 +0000 A lot of bloggers who focus on writing controversial topics would always choose to hide their identities. This is not because they are scared to expose themselves in front of the public. The reasons for blogging anonymously could be because of

  • Avoiding unwanted defamation in society
  • Helps them present the concepts better
  • I am trying to express themselves freely without any fear.
  • Freedom of expressing their ideas and perspectives without hurting the emotions of others
  • I am not being worried about being judged.

Benefits That a Blogger Gets by Blogging Anonymously

While these are some of the main reasons as to why a lot of bloggers choose to write their blogs using anonymous identities, there are several other benefits that a blogger gets by doing this. The top 8 benefits are written in the below section.

1. Can do a parallel job

Can do a parallel job

A lot of bloggers would be working in parallel as professional writers with an organization. Some of the organizations are extremely strict, and they come up with various kinds of clauses that restrict the writer to explore the writing skills further.

There are few companies that would even ask the bloggers to stop publishing their works under their original identity. However, blogging anonymously relieves the author from all these restrictions. Writing anonymous blogs will never allow the organization to know the identity of the writer.  

2. Allows us to earn more money

Most of the bloggers choose to blog anonymously because this is one of the easiest ways of making money. With the online content getting advanced over the days, a lot of people are in search of information.  

Anything that is written uniquely attracts a lot of readerships. With this, the bloggers would be giving tons of information to the readers by catering to their requirements. With a greater number of readers visiting the blog, it becomes easy for bloggers to start earning money

3. Following the rules of the company

Following the rules of the company

Bloggers that are associated with writing companies as writers may not be free to express themselves on any other platforms with their original identity. That could be rules rolled out by the organization as part of the policies. For such writers blogging anonymously gives a complete satisfaction of expressing the views and perspectives without breaking the rules of the company.

4. People read and leave the blog.

Most of the people visit anonymous blogs, read the content, and immediately exit out of the blogs. Although the information being posted is genuine, a lot of readers consider anonymous block posts to be a hoax. When readers do this, it becomes easy for the blogger to provide more content without attracting any unwanted comments and also defamation.

5. Negative criticism does not affect bloggers. 

Negative criticism does not affect bloggers

Most of the writers are sensitive. Their job involves a lot of research, and writing a small piece of writing would take days together. In spite of putting in so much effort and hard work, a lot of writers attract negative comments easily. 

This can impact the psyche of the writer badly when they choose to write under their original identity. Handling such situations can become extremely tough. But, on the contrary, the anonymous blog posts would not harm the writer as the former does.

6. Writing anonymously is fun.

If you want to comment on something really funny, having an anonymous blog is the best choice. When you have an anonymous blog, it becomes easy for you to express the narrative of all those things that come to your mind without the fear of being attacked by anyone.

7. Commenting on the other posts becomes very simple.

Commenting on the other posts becomes very simple

A lot of readers also tractors posting their comments anonymously on the other blog posts. The same technique can also be applied by you on the other blogs like Huffpost to promote your blog and your website. With this, you would be able to attract a lot of readers into your blog, and you will also gain a lot of popularity for the content that you are producing.

8. Complicated issues start to seem simple.

Complicated issues start to seem simple

Writing blog posts with your identity versus writing anonymous blogs have a lot of differences. When you are revealing your identity to the public, people would expect you to produce credible information on everything that you write. It becomes extremely difficult for you to face the comments that would be posted on the blog.

While writing anonymous blogs, the information that you give must certainly be credible; however, in case of any mistakes by any chance, you may not be penalized. Also, when you choose to hide your identity, complicated issues like these would also start to become simple.  

This is why a lot of bloggers these days adapt themselves to come up with anonymous blogs. The benefits that they get out of blogging anonymously is vast and do not want to let go of an opportunity as amazing as this. 

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Why Having a Strong Online Presence Can Help Your Business Fri, 29 May 2020 02:20:10 +0000 Whether you are the owner of a small business or a large corporation, maintaining a strong online presence can truly benefit your brand in insurmountable ways. Plus, it’s really simple to implement a strong plan. If you don’t have the marketing skills, you can either learn or hire someone who does. If you’re convinced that you can stick to an offline presence alone, consider some of the key reasons why having a strong online presence will help your business.

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Why Having a Strong Online Presence

Here we have listed top 5 key reasons why having a strong online presence will help your business.

1. It establishes credibility

Social media ads are in abundance. There’s always a new entrepreneur who’s launching a clothing line or a candle company. Sadly, it’s not uncommon to run into scams on the internet. As time passes, more people are becoming more aware of the scams people are running. As a result, they do more research on the company. Where do people go to do their research first? In many cases, people go to Google. If they don’t see any digital proof of your company’s existence, this can hurt your brand. Furthermore, if your social media page doesn’t have any likes or comments from people other than bots, that’s another red flag that your company isn’t credible.

Just by regularly updating your social media channels and maintaining a vibrant website, you can help more potential customers perceive your company as legitimate.

2. It connects companies with consumers

When you’re running a small business, it’s really helpful to maintain a clear connection to your customers. After all, when you can turn a random onlooker into a loyal customer, this equates to a consistent revenue stream for your business. Plus, when you go into business, one of the goals involves solving a problem for people. You always want to remain in touch with those who you are solving a problem for. By using a social platform like Instagram, you can show customers how to use your products and services. You can make it practical in ways that convince your followers to make your products an essential purchase they need to make.

You can also spark a conversation surrounding the pain points of your customers. If they wish they had a product that solved another problem, see how you can create the product. When you’re in touch with your tribe, they’re more likely to remain loyal to you. This is because they’ll feel as though they’re a part of your company tribe or family.

3. It can increase sales

No business owner launches a company without the hopes of becoming wildly profitable. Money is one of the driving forces when owners launch businesses, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Knowing this, it’s so important, to be honest, and clear about your numbers. In many cases, a thriving business is a numbers game. The more people you’re able to get your products in front of, the more people you can potentially sell to. When you use business digital solutions to get your products and services in front of new people on a daily basis, you increase your chances of becoming wildly profitable as a business. People can’t purchase from you if they don’t know you even exist.

Using digital strategies like social media, email marketing, and website funnels will help you capture the attention of those who keep their eyes on the internet multiple times every hour.

4. It Makes your More Accessible to Customers

One of the greatest reasons to make sure that your online presence is thriving is because it makes you more easily accessible to customers. These days most of your potential customers are going to find your business not by wandering the streets but by searching for companies online. If you have a strong online presence it will be that much easier for new customers to find you. It’s even better if you happen to be the first business that pops up so having good digital marketing campaigns to put you at the top of google searches will help your business immensely. 

If you can use some of your business resources to focus on online marketing and having a strong online presence you can be sure to increase sales, and grow your business. 

Not only that but now more than ever, consumers are choosing to buy products online rather than going into a store. The convenience of online shopping makes it extremely valuable to create an online presence. Many businesses do not even need a brick and mortar store anymore as online shopping has become increasingly prevalent. 

5. It helps with relevancy

Many people love to see brands and businesses who are intentional about keeping up with the times. This is one of the reasons why many storefront churches are falling by the wayside. They don’t have any online presence or even a contact number when you search for their name in Google. While you might have a great product, you can’t rely on the strategies that worked in 1992 to bring people through the doors in 2020. Developing an online presence is a dynamic way to show that your company is relevant to the global conversation surrounding the technological age.

If you’re not used to implementing online strategies, you might experience a learning curve at first. However, by using efficient tools and consulting the right people, you can develop a plan that will set you on a path to success. Be patient with the process as online marketing plans can take some time. However, when things start gaining momentum, there’s no stopping the train.

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Top 5 criteria for choosing a security software Tue, 28 Apr 2020 07:27:24 +0000 A few years ago, ensuring personal or small business security meant only having a frequently updated antivirus utility on your computer. That’s all you needed to keep your data safe from cybercriminals, ransomware, and the occasional viruses that made your computer slower. Fast forward to today, and personal or small business security is a different ball game. From ransomware that encrypts entire filesystems, to phishing attacks that are hard to detect or mitigate; choosing a security software has become one of the most important decisions to make today.

Why you should care while choosing a security software

Here are some of the things that have changed in recent years as far as personal and small business security is concerned:

Increasing threats- malware, hacking and identity theft

Recent cybersecurity threat analysis data points to an alarming surge in the number of attacks targeting individuals and small businesses. Stories of ransomware and phishing have dominated news and cybersecurity airwaves in the recent past. For example, a 54% increase in personal and SME security attacks was reported by one of the major security firms in 2019.  Yet another study revealed that over 60 million Us citizens had suffered some form of identity theft in the last two years. It’s fair to say that personal and small business security is not the same anymore in light of these trends.

Privacy violations and data collection on the rise

If you thought that deleting your photos on social media amounted to ensuring your privacy, think again. In the age of big data, every app out there is busy harvesting personal data from random people without their knowledge or permission. These blatant privacy violations have largely been ignored by regulators, gone undetected or been missed by platform owners. That next photo app or PC utility you download will most likely send your data to remote servers on the other side of the globe without your knowledge and at your cost (mobile data).

Mining apps and extensions

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrency in your circles but never took much interest in it. However, there is a reason for you to care about it that is beyond the virtual coins or trading platforms. As Norton and other security firms have found in the past. There is a growing interest and ready market in the use of distributed computers for cryptocurrency mining. Essentially, crypto mining extensions installed on popular websites could be using your computer resources when you visit them. Of course, most of them wouldn’t bother disclosing that they are doing this. 

So, it’s important to take some extra steps to protect yourself in this environment. You should choose the right security software at the top of your to-do list.

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Selection criteria while making a decision for choosing a security software

Use the following selection criteria while making a decision for choosing a security software:

1. Platform independence

Does the security software you are purchasing work across platforms? Can you install it on your computer and mobile devices? Does it work on Windows and Apple devices or have alternative downloads for each platform? These are some of the questions you need to use to inform your decision. In this day and age, you will still find security software such as antivirus that only works on one platform or doesn’t include packages for mobile devices.

As a rule of thumb, always use platform independence as a selection criterion when choosing a security software. Whether you are purchasing the security software for yourself or an organization. You will always find that you need it across devices that may not be on the same platform. For instance, you may find that you have people using android devices while others are on iOS in addition to using windows computers for work.

2. Transparency and trust 

A somewhat annoying but very common trend in cybersecurity circles involves the use of closed systems that can’t be audited or verified by anyone. Consequently, you will often find security software that does not work as advertised, thus giving users an illusion of security. Other security packages may appear genuine but also use backdoor extensions to harvest user data and sell it to third-party advertisers. 

As an example, one of the security software you may require to protect your identity and data is a VPN client. It has been a trend in the VPN market for a long time, that end users cannot verify if, indeed, a VPN service is protecting their data and online activity as advertised. With this in mind, finding a transparent VPN with a security audit is important. It should be part of your selection criteria.

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3. Pricing model

Most security software may come with different levels of prices, depending on the features you require. For instance, you may find that one comes with a complete firewall utility consisting of internet filtering, IP blocking, website blocking, and other important services. Other security software packages will provide bare minimum protection at a base price, leaving you exposed to all manner of threats. 

With the above in mind, use the pricing model as a criterion while choosing a security software. Ideally, you should always go for a package with a single price for every essential security service that includes base protection and scanning, internet security, and even password management. Avoid security software that breaks every protection module into a single product or addon priced separately.

4. Corporate or personal?

There is a world of difference between corporate or small business security software and personal security software. While they may be marketed as the same brand and product, there are numerous differences in features, pricing, deployment, and underlying technology. For example, a corporate security solution may be sold as a standalone hardware component installed in your server room. In contrast, personal software is exclusively sold as a downloadable software utility.

Intended use should be part of the criteria used to make security software purchase decisions. Generally, personal security software is cheaper and easier to deploy as compared to corporate security software. At the same time, corporate security software purchases may need more planning and assessment from your end.

5. Support and updates

How easy or convenient is it to get support from the security vendor when things go wrong? You can find out by downloading a trial version of their software and asking for help at some point before you make a purchase. Also, check out their reviews on Google My Business or Yelp to see what other customers are saying about them regarding support. 

Additionally, you should go for a security software package that is frequently updated. Every day, new vulnerabilities and attack vectors are being discovered and used by cybercriminals. Only through frequent updates can you be assured of protection at all times.

The bottom line

There are so many security vendors and software packages out there for you to choose from.  Some of them work as advertised while others could be useless or dangerous.  Always go for security vendors you can trust and those that have a track record in the security industry.

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How To Keep Your Devices Protected With Virtual Offices Increasing? Thu, 16 Apr 2020 13:34:06 +0000 Companies and other organizations are embracing remote work like never before. Between 2005 to 2017, remote work has grown 159 percent, with 44 percent of that growth occurring between 2012 to 2017. On top of that, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Microsoft Teams application has seen a 12 million increase in global daily users, from 32 million to 44 million in a week, as organizations around the world scrambled to find ways for employees to collaborate remotely. Likewise, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. saw an astounding 300 percent increase in daily use as the pandemic forced workers into their homes. 

With many companies allowing employees to work remotely for the first time, cybersecurity threats have increased. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have used this rise in home Internet use and the panic around the COVID-19 epidemic as an opportunity to target more people. 

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Now that many employees work outside the four walls of company offices, severe security issues have arisen. At-home workers can’t access their corporate firewalls and are far away from the oversight of IT and cybersecurity teams.

Organizations must proactively think about remote workers not as the exception to the rule, but as an extension of the corporate IT infrastructure. If a remote worker doesn’t have the tools they need to be productive from home, it is a safe bet they will find workarounds to get things done. All of the devices, peripheral, and network connection that an employee uses to consume, create, and collaborate on work is an endpoint that must be protected and managed. In this tutorial, we will discuss the ways and methods to keep your devices protected along with different ways of protecting the devices of your employees.

Cybersecurity Basics

Employees outside the corporate network must be more aware of how they handle sensitive company information and how they use their devices for being protected in a virtual office setting. The first line of defense against data theft, viruses, and malware is employee awareness and behavior. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) outlines some basic online security tips for working from home, including:

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  • Following your employer’s security practices
  • Securing your home network router by turning on WPA2 or WPA3 encryption
  • Making sure your laptop and other work devices are locked, password-protected, and never left unattended
  • Ensuring that digital and physical files are stored, shared, and deleted appropriately

How to Keep Employees Devices Protected?

While employees should know how to work from home responsibly, it falls to employers, managers, and IT teams to set the tone for the company and make smart security part of the business culture by:

  1. Training all staff: Employers should schedule regular training sessions on cybersecurity. Also, they should send out alters whenever new threats emerge or increase in frequency.
  2. Requiring strong passwords: Managers should ensure that all employees use passwords with at least 12 characters and a mix of numbers, symbols, capital, and lowercase letters. Everyone within the company should change their passwords often and not reuse old passwords.
  3. Updating software: IT staff should push mandatory patches and upgrades for applications, web browsers, and operating systems. 
  4. Securing data: Team leaders should instruct staff on how to backup critical files to external storage, preferably offsite or in the cloud.
  5. Encrypting devices: All laptops, tablets, smartphones, removable drives, and cloud storage solutions should be properly encrypted.
  6. Using multi-factor authentication: It’s essential to require an additional step beyond logging in with a password, such as using temporary codes sent to the user’s smartphone.
  7. Having a plan before you have a problem: Managers should always have processes in place to save data, run the business, and notify customers if you have a breach. 

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The Next Step

As companies get better at defending themselves against existing cyber threats, the bad actors and criminals who create them are evolving their playbooks as well. Hackers use advanced technology to develop new methods of breaching a network. It ‘s no longer sufficient to play defense against cyber attacks. With increasing numbers of employees working remotely, it’s more important than ever to actively hunt threats and stop them as early as possible. 

How can businesses protect themselves from evolving cyber threats? The best way is to install next generation endpoint protection software across company infrastructure. With a comprehensive and consolidated endpoint security platform, you can simplify your security stack and improve:

  • Proactive threat hunting for abnormal activity using threat intelligence
  • Alert monitoring and triage with context provided into the root cause of the threat
  • Automated reporting
  • Real-time device assessment and remediation, making it easier to audit the state of the system and harden the posture of all protected endpoints

A Worthwhile Investment to Keep your devices protected 

While training employees in cybersecurity takes time and purchasing security software can be pricey, the benefits of investing in online security far outweigh the cost. When it comes to viruses and malware, attacks can cost millions of dollars and even shut down company operations entirely. With so much at stake, it’s imperative that companies take cybersecurity seriously and protect their remote workers.

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New Voice Search Trends and Predictions for 2020 Thu, 02 Apr 2020 16:48:43 +0000 Looking back at 2019, when most of the predictions on this topic were made, we can say that they all made sense. Based on the facts, those trends and predictions all sounded logical. The growth was inevitable, the industry was thriving, and nothing could’ve got in the way of it.

Then came the coronavirus. 

All these predictions are now going to fall into oblivion, and new facts and stats will be relevant. Nothing’s going to be the same for the world and for technology. 

When it comes to voice search, we can expect new trends to appear in a few months. For now, everyone’s in lockdown.

Read on to find out how the rest of 2020 will be like, and what you can expect during the decade!

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It All Depends on How Long This Will Last

It’s really hard to assume when things are going to get back to normal, but they will. At the moment, all production around the world is put on hold or reduced. 

For example, the factory where one of the most popular smart speakers was made, Alexa’s Echo, was working with only 50% capacity at the beginning of March. The plant returned to normal at the end of the month, but the demand can’t be met any time soon. 

It’s pretty much the same with all the other tech companies connected with the voice search industry. In China, factories are going back to normal, but everything’s closed in Europe and the same is about to happen in the States. The world is almost completely shut down. 

Long story short, no one can talk about facts until the crisis ends. What will happen after it is another topic? 

Building Smart-Homes Will Be in Demand 

One of the trends that will undoubtedly continue is the production of smart speakers. Amazon, as we mentioned, holds the majority of the market in the States, and alongside it in the battle for dominance are Google, Microsoft, and Apple. In short, the four companies are now considered trillion-dollar businesses.

This trend will become more significant later in 2020 and the second half of the following decade. Why? Because at the moment, all employees who can stay at home and work are doing so. The companies are shutting down their offices and letting people work from home as much as possible. 

That said, it’s clear that people will turn their homes into offices. Even years ago, predictions claimed that in the near future, half of the population would work remotely. Now, we’re forced into it. That means voice search via smart speakers will see an enormous rise.

People’s Behavior Is Changed, and Voice Search Is a Part of It

The past numbers behind the voice search trends suggest that demand for this technology is constantly rising. It has been so since its implementation in smartphones and other devices. According to voice search statistics, currently around 66.4 million Americans own a smart speaker, contributing to about 20% of all search engine queries in the world. They say that this year, this number is going to be around 30%

We say that this number will surely surpass 30%. Most of these smart speakers are installed in living rooms. Half of them, to be exact. The rest are installed in bedrooms and kitchens that share an equal 25%. 

As we already mentioned, people are now living and working at home. That means they don’t need to use the search bar on their laptop while they are working—they can say the magic words, “Hey Alexa, make me a sandwich, will you?” 

What? Too soon? AI is still not developed enough? Let’s wait a few years and see. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Become Too Powerful

The main driving force behind voice search technology is artificial intelligence. At the moment, almost all industries use AI to some extent. In the future, this is going to change, and all of them will use it as much as possible. 

When it comes to voice search and the assistants following users’ instructions, AI is the feature that does all the work. After the crisis, you can expect companies to do even more research on this technology. You’ll see a ton of money coming from investors for AI development companies.

So far, we’ve had multimillion investments in AI. For example, in 2019, Microsoft invested $1 billion in a San Francisco company called OpenAI. 

On the other hand, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, in 2015, warned about the outbreak of a new virus that the planet is not ready for. At the same, he said he was worried about the rise of AI. Four years later, the company he created invested a lot of money in AI. 

We’re not drawing conclusions, you are!

The Number of Driving Direction Searches Will Drop 

One of the most common uses of a voice search on smartphones is asking the assistant for directions. For example, while someone’s driving, they use the assistant to tell them where they need to go to find the location. 

According to sources that we used previously, we can see that more than half of the voice searches are done while driving. Another 40% of them are asking for directions. 

Now, with the new turn of events, these things are going to change undoubtedly. One thing is that people are not out on the streets anymore, but they are staying home. That means they don’t need to ask for directions. 

Another crucial thing for the future is the AI we talked about. The predictions are that in this decade, we will see completely autonomous vehicles. Corporations are investing billions of dollars in this technology. 

In 2017, Ford invested $1 billion in Argo AI. The company plans to make completely autonomous vehicles by 2021. With the current state of affairs, it seems like this is inevitable rather than useful.

Uber, the company we best know as a peer-to-peer transportation service, is teamed up with Daimler and Volvo to create a completely autonomous vehicle. All this means that very soon, we’ll see cars driving by themselves and cab rides where no driver is in the vehicle. By the end of the decade, personal cars will also be almost or entirely autonomous, which means the passengers will have more time doing the search on their own. 


These troubled times are not going to pass soon, and everything will certainly change. Some things for good and others will become worse. However, the voice search industry will come out stronger as a result. People’s needs are going to align with the inventions, and they’ll surely demand more smart speakers and better voice search assistants on smartphones.

The industry always responds to the needs of consumers. This is why we can expect new trends to be like the ones we described above.

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Cheap writing services- what is it and what benefits it offers? Thu, 26 Mar 2020 08:00:26 +0000 In school and colleges, students are given so many assignments and essays to write. Writing essays is necessary as it improves the ideas and vocabulary of the student. Even after making essays and submitting it, not all students get good grades. This is because some students do not have good writing skills. Not having good grades have a direct impact on the life of students as in future they are not able to get jobs. 

Cheap writing service is a company that offers essays and assignments for students. As the name suggests, this is a writing company that has professional writers. These writers listen to the needs of students and make essays. They can write assignments on any subject no matter if it is English, economics, arts, or science. 

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Why do you need cheap writing services? 

Busy schedule

Student life is not so simple they have to do a lot of work. They have to go to school then go to coaching, give so many tests in the coaching. Then they come the home should study for school and coaching. They even have time to go out and play as they are so busy and stressed because of school or college work. 

Thus, students cannot complete assignments on time, and the result of this is that they get a poor grade. Affordable writing services help students who have busy schedules. Students can attend coaching and school and relax at home while other writers are completing their assignments. In the meantime, the student can focus on the learning part while leaving the writing part to professional writers. 

Health issues 

Health issues and sickness is a big problem for students as then they can’t deliver homework and assignments on time. Thus, they are unable to write their essays because of disease. Not every teacher understands that they give poor grades on late submission of assignments. So, if you are sick or having some health issues then you can take on cheap writing services. So you can submit an assignment on time even when you are sick. 

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What is the significance of hiring cheap writing services? 

High-quality content

High-quality content

An important aspect of writing assignments is well-researched content. Students cannot find proper content themselves as it requires enough time and thorough research. Professional writers know how to make a thorough research on the contents. They make an essay of high quality with no errors. 

Save time

Students spend a lot of time writing essays and assignments that they can’t focus on practical work. To make time available for the student to focus on practical essay writing services does their homework and writing assignments. When students leave writing tasks to professional writers, they can focus on the practical part of saving time. 

Save energy 

Save energy

The whole day spent in school and after coming home writing assignments consumes all the energy of the student. Students feel tired and cannot even go out of the house to play with friends. Cheap writing services will help you save energy which you otherwise lose in writing the assignment. Thus, students can use saved energy in playing games, doing other activities like dancing, painting, etc. 


Professional essay writers not only offer help in writing the essay but also make improvements in the already written content of the student. They proofread and check the grammar mistakes of the student. Also, they correct the grammar and errors in the essays.  Hence, students in this way can understand their mistakes and improve their writing skills if they take the help of skilled writing offering cheap writing services. 


 So, when you get high-quality error-free content and essays as well as assignments at such an affordable rate then why not hire them. Cheap writing services are cheap and charge according to the assignment and essay quantity to be written. You can pay once you receive the assignment. Payment mode is easy as you can pay them online via a suitable payment mode. Also, you get discounts sometimes by the writing company.

Timely delivery 

Cheap writing services never delay in doing their work. They make sure that they work within a given period to complete all the assignments and essays on time. Students while placing orders can tell the deadline to the writers. Don’t set the deadline as submission date of assignment in the school. 

Unique content 

Unique content

In school students copy the assignment and essays of other students and teachers come to know about it. Copying results in poor grades. If you wish to score high then you need to make an essay with unique content that looks attractive to the teacher. Professional writers always write unique essays for the student which is not copied from any source. When you submit a unique essay that is not copied from any source, you will receive high grades or say good grades. 

These are the benefits of hiring cheap writing services. If you wish to get all these benefits and good grades then hire professional writers. Cheap writing services have skilled professionals who are friendly. No matter its day or night you can contact and place the order to write essays. 

Also, you can contact them in case you have any queries. You will receive full help and satisfaction with their services. Also, the services are cheap so you can afford it easily. Your school and college teacher will not come to know that you haven’t made an assignment yourself. Also, if you are a research student or doing a Ph.D. then you can ask professional writers to make research papers and thesis for you. You can give them the reports of research and they will make research papers of high quality for you. 

Now you can go and find cheap writing services to avail of their services. If you wish to know more about cheap writing services then go to its website. You will find categories and writers according to the categories. Now assignments will not stress you much. You will be not left behind in class and will get good scores in academics.

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