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Which is the Best PDF Conversion Tool for Professionals

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You may find lots of free PDF conversion tools and online PDF converters to convert to word, but the software that will convert to other more formats is much harder to get. You may also get a PDF conversion tool as a bonus while buying other software, they have limited functionalities and unable to convert the files as your requirement.

Most of the professionals such as IT experts, online marketers, engineers, bankers, teachers and the different institutions may require to convert the files from a PDF format to other formats like word, excel, PowerPoint, HTML etc. while providing the services to their customers. It will be hard to get the free software that can convert from PDF file to those formats. Although some of the premium PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat reader may also have the functionality of creating and managing PDF files.

In this post, I am going introduce you about a PDF conversion tool that can convert PDF files to almost all required file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, AutoCAD, Images and vice versa. Able2Extract professional is that PDF conversion tool provided by Investintech.com, which can provide the complete solution for the professionals to convert PDF files. It does not only save the time of your work but also increase the productivity of your services along with eliminating the errors that may occur converting the files. You can also try the software for 7 days before deciding on the purchasing of licenses.

What does this PDF conversion tool actually?

1. PDF to Word Conversion

As the other PDF conversion software, it converts the PDF file to Microsoft Word format. It also allows you to convert from Mircosoft Word file to PDF file. You can either convert the whole document or convert the part with selecting the area of the document. Since the file conversion process is quick and automatic, you can easily convert the files in the desired format.

2. PDF to Excel Conversion

Unlike other PDF converters, it will not produce incontinent data while converting the tables in PDF file to excel data. Able2Extract Professional is specialized in converting complex files such as a scanned document with tables to Excel format. You can easily convert tables in PDF to Excel by simply selecting the table and converting it. This tool also allows the users to specify the column structure within a table prior to the conversion.

3. PDF to PowerPoint Conversion

Similar to the other formats, this tool also converts PDF file to Microsoft PowerPoint format and vice versa. You can convert from the PDF file to PowerPoint by simply selecting the text which you want to convert and clicking on convert to PowerPoint from the file menu.

4. PDF to HTML Conversion

Most of the web developers may require to convert user-provided data in different formats to HTML format. This tool allows the user to convert the PDF file to HTML format, that makes their web development process much faster.

5. PDF to AutoCAD Conversion

With the use of Able2Extract Professional PDF conversion tool, engineering consultancies or the professional engineers can easily convert the designs provided by their customers to AutoCAD file formats such as GWG and DXF.

6. PDF to Image Conversion

If you need to extract the images from PDF file, this tool allows you to do that. It will extract all of the images from the PDF file, that may require for different purposes.

7. Securing the PDF Files

Able2Extract Professional not only converts the files from PDF to other formats, also allows the user to secure the PDF files with the password and setting up different permissions. You can set the different permissions such as printing, copying, modifying, adding comments, filling forms etc.

8. Filling, Editing, Creating PDF Files

Along with converting the PDF file to other formats and vice versa, Able2Extract Professional has the capabilities of creating, editing and filling PDF forms. You can easily create and edit PDF forms by inserting the forms fields such as text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, list box etc. from the side panel. You may also insert a new blank page on the PDF file and edit the page as the other. This tool also allows you to fill out and submit the digital forms without printing.

9. Uses of OCR Technology

Able2Extract Professional uses the advanced OCR technology that can even easily convert low quality scanned documents to the desired format. It will automatically identify whether the PDF file is generated by scanning and automatically converting it to other formats without losing original design.

10. Batch Conversion Option

With batch conversion option available on the Able2Extract Professional tool, you are allowed to convert multiple PDF files at a time. It will scan all the occurrences of PDF files within the specified directories and convert them to desired formats. You can select the output folder or leave them on the source folder.

How to use Able2Extract Professional for converting PDF files?

After knowing all of the features and capabilities of this PDF conversion tool, that was mentioned above, may ask how to install and use it. So I have provided here the complete steps for installing and activating this software tool.

Installing The Software

You can install the software using the following steps.

1. At first, go to the Able2Extract Professional 12 download page.
2. Select and download the version Windows, Mac or Linux.
3. After finished downloading, open the downloaded file and go next to continue.
Installing Able2Extract Professional
4. Read the license, give the check mark on “I accept the agreement”, then go next.
Installing Able2Extract Professional
5. Select the destination folder where you want to install, go next and click on Install.
Installing Able2Extract Professional
6. Complete the remaining steps and finish the installation.

Activating The Software

You can use the following steps in order to activate the software after successfully installing the trial version.
Activating the software - Which is the Best PDF Conversion Tool for Professionals
1. After installing free trial version, open the application and click on buy now button or directly go to order page.
2. Select the required license and complete the purchasing process.
3. After transaction completed, you will receive the registration PIN number on your email inbox.
4. Enter your PIN number to the software, it will be activated to the full version.

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