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6 Best Small Business SEO Tips for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

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Do you know that if a small business has low SEO strategies, Google will not show its website in the search results? Whether your business provides terrific products or services, a lack of effective SEO tactics will not make you arrive at the top search engine results. 

Your customers will struggle to find you if you have poor SEO. SEO is one of those digital marketing tips that helps small businesses to attain brand visibility, lift website traffic, and sales. It makes way to fight against competitors and more growth opportunities. 

Successful small business SEO involves several critical components of digital marketing. You can approach an SEO company to enhance your website’s position on the search results and boost organic growth.

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6 Tips for Small Business SEO

Following are the 6 small business SEO tips for time-strapped entrepreneurs. 

1. Keyword research 

It includes researching and finding phrases or terms that your potential audience type while searching for your related product or service. On discovering what people search to find information about your business, you can create useful content. Remember, using the right set of keywords helps the customers search you online quickly, resulting in higher conversions. You can always monitor and update your keyword strategy based on the interests of the target customers. You can also investigate the SEO strategy of your competitors to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Local SEO

Do you know most mobile searches are location-based? Google prioritizes the local options when a user enters a query. You can set up a Google My Business Profile to increase your local visibility and enhance traffic. It has a Q&A section where you can answer probable questions you think might come up among the customers. You can also use local directories for optimizing local SEO. You can write blogs on local topics and links from local newspapers to optimize local SEO. With this, your local customers will not have difficulty finding you and the details of the business. 

3. Take reviews 

Reviews help small businesses to build credibility and gain trust in appearing on search engine results. Most visitors trust online reviews which help them to make purchase decisions easily. Don’t you agree that a firm with five stars is more hihighly recommended than one with three stars? You need to invite and encourage customers to leave online reviews after making a purchase either on Google or a reputed reviews site. It helps create fresh content related to the business, and keywords are an advantage. 

4. Content writing 

A well-crafted content emphasizes writing blogs, reports, and templates. Each content needs to be focused on a specific keyword that informs and engages the target customers. Streamlined content can include templates for the articles and landing pages. And yes! Content is not merely text. You can also make higher use of videos or images and have all information about your business instead of writing lengthy content. Try to draft clear, concise, and good-quality content for your website that attracts traffic. Test out different styles of content and analyze what the audience expects from your website. 

5. Link building 

Gaining authority is an essential aspect of SEO marketing. One of the best ways to gain authority is by getting quality backlinks to your website. It will give Google a sign that your site is worth reading. However, remember that backlink quality is more important than quantity. The number of internal and external links indicates that search engines use to determine your site’s quality. You need to develop an outreach strategy to build quality backlinks. It can be done by listing all the emails, contacts, and phone numbers of bloggers, and businesses around you. You can also find where your competitors are getting their links from and then reach the place. 

6. Optimize mobile devices

Do you know the majority of internet users use mobile for doing searches? Small businesses should focus on creating a mobile-friendly website to enhance convenience to the audience. You can start by focusing on SEO tips and addressing issues within the website. Google provides a mobile-friendly test tool to analyze the extent to which your site is optimized for smartphones. You can increase mobile performance by reducing your website’s load time, enabling AMP, and reducing media size. Do not forget to maximize everything to replicate your success in the business. 


Small businesses face intense competition from big brands, but they can do plenty to optimize SEO. Take advantage of the various tools to implement these useful small business SEO tips and boost customer traffic. Over time, even the smallest business can build credibility and visibility.


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