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What Mistakes Online Freelancers Should Avoid

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What Mistakes Online Freelancers Should Avoid

The best thing about freelancing is the free part, everyone you talk to will probably tell you how cool it is to be your own boss. You are in control of your work and nobody else except your clients can tell you what to do.
To be a successful freelancer, you should have the time management skills, which is most essential part to run your own freelancing business and meet all the deadlines set upon you by the clients.

Like any other types of business, freelancing may comes with easy to make mistakes that anyone can make. As a freelancer you may make such mistakes unknowingly to avoid them you should know what mistakes may occur.

Here are the most common mistakes that the freelancer may make as well as their potential solutions.

Managing Your Time

Doing work as freelancer means, you are selling your time to your clients. So managing your time is the most important part for your business as a freelancer. To be successful online freelancer, you should manage your time according to the works priority. You should not take more work than you can reasonably complete. So it’s necessary to budget your time in the same way you budget your money.

Balancing Your Work and Life

As a freelancer, you should balance your work and life, you work home do not disrupts your work at home. You should establish a work routine that you stick to. Try to make your work station like your office room, for the time you spend for your work.

Never Saying No

Freelancers get most of the work from their referrals and recurring clients. It the request for the work came from the clients, accept the proposal only after knowing in detail about the project and decide based on your available time schedule and your skill. Never accept works which you feel uneasy to complete after taking it.

Unable to Follow Up

You should always able to follow up your clients or who contacts you. You can follow up your clients even after completing projects to maintain your relationship with your previous clients. After two or three not returned emails for someone who contacts, you don’t have established relationship with them.

Offering Very Low Rate

Never give your rate or offering a quote without researching and understanding in detail about the project you are going to be done. If your client want blind quote for a project, you should avoid it. You are living as a freelancer, so you should require professional service and professional rate. To get know more about setting rates go through the link below.

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Poor Email Writing

For a successful freelance business, it should be a good communication and interaction between client and freelancer. In most cases email is the most primary means of communication. Not every freelancer is copywriters, but you should be most careful while writing email responses.

Always check spelling and grammar as far as possible and always read again after finished writing an email. Your written email must be professional looking. Your email should be clear, about what the client needs and make sure that your client understands everything you have replied.

Not Screening Clients

While taking clients projects, clients not only selecting you, you are also selecting clients as your standards. So you have to pick your clients carefully to have fewer and fewer complaints regarding your clients the more time you spend working. You have to learn how to pick the clients that are right for you.

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