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H12 Media: Best CPC CPM CPA Publishing Network – Review

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H12 Media: Best CPC CPM CPA Publishing Network - Review

H12-Media is one of the best CPC CPM CPA Ad publishing network under the company name “H12 UK LTD” that focused on some rich kind of advertising banner models for publishers and advertisement agencies, which purchase and sell global web traffic through world’s biggest RTB market places in order to achieve the best eCPM with very simple looking website and user dashboard.

It provides three types of pricing model, the first one is hard floor pricing where you can specify your minimum selling price in CPM and the unfilled traffic will be sent to your back-up banner codes. The another model is the only CPM option in which the H12 engine automatically manage the CPM campaigns first and the unfilled traffic will be sent to your back-up banner codes.The last model is the fulfill option in which the ad server tries to achieve this via the CPM campaigns first and unfilled banner spaces are passed for the CPC or CPA campaigns.

Three types of pricing models by H12 media

Supported Ad Sizes and Types

Currently H12 Media supporting different sizes 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 320×50, 300×600, 468×60, 120×600 for display ads along with Pop Under, Sliding, on-video banner types of ad options and using ASYNC banner tags to optimize your site for search engine optimization. Along with it, frequency capping also available for sliding, on-video banners and pops.

Ad eCPM and Payments

Since they are serving ads from high quality ad servers like Yahoo Ad Exchange, Appnexus, Criteo, Pulse Point Exchange, DoubleClick and Direct Advertiser campaigns to optimize your revenues, so it is possible to get high eCPM rates for your displaying ads. But newly approved websites need to run banners at least 7 days and provide good CTR at beginning in order to let H12 Media revenue optimization platform get succeed. Here I have included screenshot of my earnings reports in periods of 30 days according to types of ads I have used.
Best CPC CPM CPA Ad Publishing Network-Review reports
Currently I have got 70% fill rate and eCPM $0.13 on average with $0.27 eCPM for pop under ads and $0.23 from premium Google partner campaigns as an average rate in the NONE type of section. Most of the traffic for my site are India based, so I am getting those eCPM rate, If your site has US, Canada, Australia and Europe based visitors, you can get more better eCPM rates than me. 

H12 Media supports two types of payment methods and options. The first is Next-day payment, which pay their publishers their earnings within 1-3 business days after your payment request and the second options is Net-30, which does not require any process fees. You can get paid through either wire transfer or PayPal. You can request for payout when you got minimum $25 for PayPal payments and minimum $500 for bank transfers, don’t have to wait ends of the month to request payout when you reached minimum payout amount.

Payment Proof

Here I have included screenshot of my payment reports where I have requested and get paid from both next day payment option and Net-30 day’s payment option.

Best CPC CPM CPA Ad Publishing Network-Review payment proof

Customer reviews

I have collected some reviews and comments from internet to show what’s commenting other customers of H12 Media Ad network are presented below. on digital point forums says

“I tried for 3 days on my site (60% Asian traffic & 40% US traffic) and my earnings is above $25 (minimum payout via PayPal) and H12 is not a scam as for my own experience. And I’m using them for about 2 weeks now.”

debapriya deb on digital point forums says

“Not at all, mate. Getting around $0.10-$0.15 after the first few days. Attached is the screenshot for your reference.”

My Recommendation for Better eCPM Rate

You can get better eCPM rate from H12 Media ads with using “on video”, “sliding banners” and “site under pops” with standard banner as well. I would recommend you to use 728×90 and 300×250 sizes banners to get high eCPM rate on standard banner and also recommend to place up to 3 standard banners, 1 sliding banner, 1 on-video banner, 1 Site Under ads, in total maximum up to five ads tags into your website and don’t forget to place your banners on the top of the page of your website to get the most impressions and eCPM.

If you are still not registering on this network, I would recommend to use on your website to see how it works on your site and don’t forget to comment or contact me, I will always ready to help you to generate the best revenue from your site. 

Shuseel Baral is a web programmer and the founder of InfoTechSite has over 8 years of experience in software development, internet, SEO, blogging and marketing digital products and services is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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