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Solved MCQ on Fundamental of C Language set-7

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1) ‘C’ allows a three way transfer of control with the help of

A. Unary Operator

B. Relational Operator

C. Ternary Operator

D. Comparison Operator

2) Operators have hierarchy. It is used to know which operator ….

A. is most important

B. is used first

C. is faster

D. operators on large numbers

3) The statement that transfers control to the beginning of the loop is called ..

A. break statement

B. exit statement

C. continue statement

D. goto statement

4) C programming language was developed by ..

A. Dennis Ritche

B. Ken Thompson

C. Bill Gates

D. Peter Norton

5) The value that follows the keyword CASE may only be

A. constants

B. variable

C. number

D. semicolon

6) In a C language ‘a’ represents …

A. a digit

B. an integer

C. a character

D. a word

7) The statement which is used to terminate the control from the loop is

A. break

B. continue

C. goto

D. exit

8) The continue command cannot be used with ….

A. for

B. switch

C. do

D. while

9) A self contained block of statements that perform a coherent task of some kind is called a .

A. Monitor

B. Function

C. Program

D. Structure

10) Which among the following is a unconditional control structure?

A. do while

B. if else

C. goto

D. for

11) Recursion is sometimes called

A. Circular definition

B. Complex definition

C. Procedure

D. Union

12) Every program statement in a C program end with …

A. semicolon

B. comma

C. full stop

D. slash

13) The loop in which the statements within the loop are executed at least once is called

A. do-while

B. while

C. for

D. goto

14) The maximum length allowed in specifying the name of a C variable is ……..

A. 45

B. 31

C. 56

D. 78

15) The break statement causes an exit

A. Only from the innermost loop

B. Only from the innermost switch

C. From the innermost loop or switch

D. From the program

16) Which of the following is a unformatted console I/O function to get a string input?

A. puts

B. gets

C. clrscr

D. scanf

17) The operators << and >> are

A. assignment operator

B. relational operator

C. logical operator

D. bitwise shift operator

18) The operator & is used for ……..

A. Bitwise AND

B. Bitwise OR

C. Logical AND

D. Logical OR

19) Which of the following is FALSE in C

A. Keywords can be used as variable names

B. Variable names can contain a digit

C. Variable names do not contain a blank space

D. Capital letters can be used in variable names

20) The operator && is an example of ……….. operator.

A. assignment

B. increment

C. logical

D. relational


1) C. Ternary Operator
2) B. is used first
3) C. continue statement
4) A. Dennis Ritche
5) A. constants
6) C. a character
7) A. break
8) B. switch
9) B. Function
10) C. goto
11) A. Circular definition
12) A. semicolon
13) A. do-while
14) B. 31
15) C. From the innermost loop or switch
16) B. gets
17) D. bitwise shift operator
18) A. Bitwise AND
19) A. Keywords can be used as variable names
20) C. logical

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