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Best Online Backlink Checker Tools List

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Best Online Back-link Checker Tools ListI have already posted the most effective tips for your link building success on my previous post, you can achieve best backlinks for your websites only by applying most effective and successful link building strategies. While gaining quality backlinks for your website, you have to find out and analyze the links you have gained. By using these best online backlink checker tools which I have listed here, you can discover your or your competitors websites backlink from the reports or information generated by them.  

List of Best Online Backlink Checker Tools 1) It is one of the best online backlink checker tool and provides free as well as paid service to analyze your website. It provides the basic URL information such as number of external backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs etc. History chart also shows external backlinks and referring domains over the last 90 days. You can get detailed report about backlinks and anchor text from the respective tabs.

# 2) Open Site Explorer is another tool to discover links linking to your website provided by Using this tool, you can compare up to 5 sites to compare to your competitor sites. You can explore inbound links, Top pages, Anchor text and other more features. To overcome the daily limits you have to register and log in using MOZ account. 3) It provides more detailed report in the free service also provides paid service for more features. On the main window, it provides URL Rank, Ahrefs Domain Rank, Total number of backlinks and referring domains. It also provides total referring pages, total referring domains and new and lost backlinks on chart.

# 4) It is free to use backlink checker tool to discover SEO links and traffic sources of your website and your competitors. It provides the list of title and URL of linking page, link anchor text and its page rank.

# 5) It also a free tool to get complete detailed information about quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website. You can find anchor text, page rank, total outbound links on the page along with no-follow tag for no-follow links.

# 6) Backlink checker tool of Small SEO Tools provides total number of backlinks, page URL that contain your website’s links, website PR, Page PR, Anchor text and flag used in link with 10 results at a time.

# 7) It also provides free as well as paid service for advanced options. You can find out total backlinks, unique domain, unique IPs, number of no-follow links, .edu and .gov links. If your registered for this site, can monitor up to 2 domains and manage up to 500 links. 8) It is a free to use website backlink checker tool, which provides total number of backlinks along with link flag, target, page rank and Moz Rank. You can see more back-links up to 1000, if connected using Facebook.

# 9) By using this backlink checker tool, you can find out linked URLs, Anchor text, total links, outbound links, title of the page and text found on the link.

# 10) It is a free tool to check backlinks for your website. It uses SEO Moz engine to analyze and generate reports.

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