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Top 10 Press Release Submission Sites

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Top 10 Press Release Submission Sites
Press Release Submission Sites (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Finding quality one-way links to your website can be more difficult task. So submitting and updating news on press release submission sites may be on the best choice. Submitting on press release sites not only increases back-links to your site, also increases the rankings on search engines effectively. You can put links on the body of press release and, spread around the world. Its not only helps for building links on your home page with useful information but you can create deep links to your website. Here I have presented top 10 list of press release sites having Google Page-rank from 4 to 6, provides free as well as premium (paid) services for distribution of press release.

Top 10 Press Release Submission Sites

1. PR-6 is another press release submission and distribution site for quality press release. It highly discourages press release spam and abusing press releases. From its basic free submission plan, you are allowed to submit one press release in a week. There are mainly three types of premium plans namely Silver plan, Gold plan and Platinum plan. Services are provided based on the level of plan you have owned. Their premium services even allows to add your company logo, images and video to your press releases. They are highly ranked on search engines and publishing websites.

To Submit Press Release on Free Visit: Register on I-News wire for Free

2. PR-6

is one of the best site for online press release distribution and press
release submission service. You can use free as well as paid service
for submission of your press release. There are four types of plans as
free, Exclusive free (which have better option than free but it takes
little longer time for distribution) Premium and Premium plus. It does not accept email address provided by free services at the time of registration. Along
with press release distribution its more advanced features like, press
room hosting, business directory service,
Job listings and expert directory. You can add HTML links also in the
press release body and also available in pdf version. All the press
releases are distributed in numerous sites and search engines through
numerous JavaScript, HTML and RSS feeds, Social media integration and own press room are also available.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on Prolog Press Release Service

3. 24-7 Press PR-6

It is a multi channel distribution network, which helps for any companies and organizations to distribute their news to the various networks, blogs and websites. It helps for enhancing SEO to promote your website, you can submit your press release by selecting one of the best and suitable package for your organization or you can use free service also, but it has the limitations and can submit only one press release per day. There are four different plans or packages as a paid service. You can choose any one as required for your business.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on 24-7 Press Release

4. Free Press PR-5

Free press release can provides press release distribution service for small, medium and large organizations. It distributes your news to the most popular search engines and their online network. You can submit your press release for the better and reliable premium services along with free submission service. There are mainly four types of packages as Free, Premier, Customized and Advanced. Services are provided based on the type of packages you have owned. The basic services like indexing in major search engines, keyword listing, pdf and print version creation are available as free service.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on Free Press Release

5. News wire PR-5

It is also the another important site for submitting your press release free of charge for basic submission. You can also select premium submission service with different plans and pricing, premium plans includes uploading logo of your organization, article submission on social sites, 1st page social wall and logo etc. It does partnership with different press release distribution services like PRZoom and PRToday etc., so all the submission are also visible on them.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on New wire Today

6. 1888 Press PR-4

1888 Press Release provides unique services for distributing press releases to various major search engines, news wires and websites. You can submit here free press releases and  you can also upgrade to the featured plans or packages for maximum exposure of your news. You are allowed to submit files, logos or images to your press release. You can acquire the different premium plans as the name of Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ultimate and Ultimate Plus for the different level of prices and the services according to their prices.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on 1888 Press Release

7. Press UK : PR-4

Press box publishes to their news wire and directory for the public access and the journalists are able to access and publish on the number of medias. You can post unlimited press releases on it. They provides two types of services as a free and paid. It provides highest level of visibility on the number of online publisher and search engines. The press releases are submitted directly to the journalist who have requested for the news for specific topic and interest.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on Press

8. Open PR-4

OpenPR may be one of the best press release site who are searching for submitting their press release on free. You can submit your press release here upto 3 per day. Your submitted News are published on main partner sites like Viando,, 4 Deal business forum etc. Its homepage displays 20 latest press release along with text and other 30 also displayed only with headlines. But while submitting press release you can not use Gmail and other free e-mail provider and the press releases are reviewed only at their business hours. All the spam and submitted by automated tools are rejected or deleted.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on Open PR Press Release Service

9. The Open Press .com: PR-4

The Open Press is also another best press release site to submit your press releases for both paid and free services. There are number of pricing options you can choose according to your need. PR form can choose according to your need. PR form can also buy a package for submitting press releases professionally. The submission made by paid user and PR firms will remain on the site for one year. The free submissions are only allowed to submit and displayed only plain text and displayed below the paid releases.

To Submit Press Release Visit: Register on The Open Press

10. Other Press Release Submission Sites are also listed below.

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