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Top 10 List Of Stock Photography Sites To Earn Online

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I have already posted that, through stock photography sites you can earn online by sharing your original stocked photographs. You should post own generated photographs to be approved by these sites. 
Here, I have listed the top 10 list of such stock photography site, from where you can earn from your photos. 
1. is the most popular and oldest photography site. Istock pays to its contributors at the rate of 15% for each downloaded. If you became exclusive contributor you can earn up to 45%. You can submit a payment request when the balance reaches $100 USD. Payment can be requested by any one of the methods like cheque, PayPal, Money bookers, direct deposit and its Master Card. 
2. It is also the most popular stock photography site. You can earn up to 60% of the total credit price and up to $0.43 per subscription download. This site also precedes payment through different payment methods. 
3. This sells your stock images and you can get 25%-60% from each sale of your photograph. 
4. In, your earnings, per download are based on the customer’s selection of payment plan and the size of the file was downloaded. You can receive 30% while downloaded by extended license and can receive $0.50 while by using credit. 
5. You can earn from 20% to 30% from each single image on demand download from this site. There are different earning schemas for per day subscription, on demand and enhanced license. 
6. By uploading your photographs to Fotolia, you are presenting your work to millions of image buyers around the world. In it, the customer can use a single file in multiple application and extended licenses allow customers to use images on items for resale. For every file sold you will receive a royalty payout based on subscription type. You can earn from 20% to 63% for content sold via single image download and you can earn from 0.25 credits to 0.40 credits from subscription download. 
7. It is also the biggest stock photography site. You can earn up to 70% for each download made by your uploaded photos. The price of each image starting from $3 for download. 
8. You can earn from your photos by selling on this site also, you can earn $0.35 for every images that is downloaded. From extra large images you can receive up to $5.25 per download. And can request for payment when the balance get reaches $100. 
9. This site provide you 60% royalty fee on all your photographs. It is the better site for contributors such that it has highest royalty rates than others. You can sell the same images on the others stock photography sites also. 
10. You can earn from minimum 50% to the maximum 62.5% for content sold via single image download and you can earn $0.35 from subscription for per download. Also you can get 10% of the sell price if images are sold from your links. You can place collection links for images on your website or blog for that.
Your earning from these sites depends on how quality images or illustrations can you post. So only post high quality professional photographs only, which can generate more downloads. It may be the major part of your monthly income.

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