Solved Objective Questions of System Analysis and Design set-5

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1. ……………… includes a review of the existing procedures and information flow.
A) Feasibility Study
B) Feasibility report
C) System Design
D) System analysis

2. A rectangle in a DFD represents
A) a process
B) a data store
C) an external entity
D) an input unit

3. …………… refers to the collection of information pertinent to systems Project.
A) Data transfer
B) Data gathering
C) Data Embedding
D) Data Request

4. ………………… means coordinated effort, to communicate the information of the system written form.
A) System documentation
B) Resource required
C) Development schedule
D) User Document

5. MDP stands for
A) Master Development Plan
B) Master Design Program
C) Mandatory Database Program
D) Master Database Plan

6. External Entities may be a
A) Source of input data only
B) Source of input data or destination of results
C) Destination of results only
D) Repository of data

7. ………………… is a group of interested components working together towards a common goal by accepting inputs and producing outputs in an organized transformation process.
A) System
B) Network
C) Team
D) System Unit

8. To create a vehicle of information to provide evidence in the development process and to monitor the process. This is one of the objectives of
A) Analysis
B) Design
C) Development
D) Documentation

9. A …………. System is no more than the idea
A) Conceptual
B) Logical
C) Physical
D) All of the above

10. By an external entity, we mean a
A) The unit outside the system being designed which can be controlled by an analyst.
B) The unit outside the system whose behavior is independent of the system is designed
C) A unit external to the system is designed
D) A unit which is not part of a DFD


1. A) Feasibility Study
2. C) an external entity
3. B) Data gathering
4. A) System documentation
5. A) Master Development Plan
6. B) Source of …… destination of results
7. A) System
8. D) Documentation
9. A) Conceptual
10. C) A unit external …… being designed

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