Solved MCQ of Database Management System (DBMS) Set – 8

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1. Reflexivity property says that X – Y is true if Y is ………………….

A) Subset of X

B) Null set of X

C) Super set of Y

D) Subset of Y

2. Anything that affects the database schema is a part of




D) All of the above

3. An instance of a relation is a time varying set of ………………….

A) Tuples

B) Rows

C) Both of them

D) None of them

4. In the ………………… mode any record in the file can be accessed at random

A) Sequential access

B) Random access

C) Standard access

D) Source access

5. Which can be used to delete all the rows if a table?

A) Delete * from table_name

B) Delete from table_name

C) Delete table_name

D) all rows cannot be deleted at a time.

6. Which if the following is not the type of data integrity.

A) Key integrity

B) Domain integrity

C) Entity integrity

D) Referential integrity

7. 4NF stands for ..

A) Fourth Normal File

B) Fourth Normal Form

C) Fourth Normal Fraction

D) Fourth Negative File

8. A ……………… allows to make copies of the database periodically to help in the cases of crashes & disasters.

A) Recovery utility

B) Backup Utility

C) Monitoring utility

D) Data loading utility

9. ………………. Allows definitions and query language statements to be entered; query results are formatted and displayed.

A) Schema Processor

B) Query Processor

C) Terminal Interface

D) None of the above

10. The main task carried out in the …………… is to remove repeating attributes to separate tables.

A) First Normal Form

B) Second Normal Form

C) Third Normal Form

D) Fourth Normal Form


1. A) Subset of X
2. C) DDL
3. C) Both of them
4. B) Random access
5. A) Delete * from table_name
6. A) Key integrity
7. B) Fourth Normal Form
8. B) Backup Utility
9. C) Terminal Interface
10. D) Fourth Normal Form

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