Solved MCQ for Computer Officer Exam part-1

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1. Firewalls are used to protect against.
A) Unauthorized Attacks
B) External resources
C) Data Driven Attacks
D) Fire Attacks
2. A gigabyte represents
A) 1 billion bytes
B) 1000 kilobytes
C) 230 bytes
D) 1024 bytes

3. Personal computers use number of chips mounted on a main
circuit board. What is the common name for such boards?
A) Daughter board
B) Mother board
C) Father board
D) Bread board
4.  In analog computer
A) Input is first converted to digital form
B) Input is never converted to digital form
C) Output is displayed in digital form
D) All of the above
5. Computer follows a simple principle called GIGO which
A) Garbage input good output
B) Garbage in garbage out
C) Great instructions great output
D) Good input good output
6. A data Structure where elements can be added or removed
at either end but not in the middle.
A) Linked list
B) Stacks
C) Queues
D) Deque
7. Which of the following sorting algorithm is of divide and
conquer type?
A) Bubble sort
B) Insertion sort
C) Quick sort
D) None of the above
8. A variable P is called pointer if
A) P contains the address of an element in DATA
B) P points to the address of first element in DATA
C) P can store only memory addresses
D) P contain the DATA and the address of DATA
9. Binary search algorithm cannot be applied to
A) Sorted linked list
B) Sorted binary trees
C) Sorted linear array
D) Pointer array
10. The time factor when determining the efficiency of
algorithm is measured by
A) Counting microsecond’s
B) Counting the number of key operations
C) Counting the number of statements                
D) Counting the kilobytes of algorithm
A) Unauthorized Attacks
A) 1 billion bytes
B) Mother board
B) Input …. digital form
B) Garbage in gar.. out
D) Deque
C) Quick sort
A) P contains.addr .. DATA
D) Pointer array
A) Counting microsecond’s

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