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List of top 7 Free bulk search engine submission tools

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Submitting a site on different search engines along with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is the first step of expert search engine optimization (SEO) after creating a website. For submitting your site to those search engines, you have to submit it manually to each search engine and it takes a longer time to complete that. But if you have no time for that you can use some bulk search engine submission tools which are available on the web. You can submit your site on the search engine by using those tools for free as well as on paid. You can get a better result if you use paid service.
Here, I have listed some top bulk search engine submission tools, which are offering free services also. 
  1. SubmitExpress is such a tool from which you can submit your site with 70 search engines and directories. Those are all for free.
  2. Add me provides a variety of powerful search engine submission services. Its free search engine submission service submits your site URL to 20 search engines.
  3. Free Web This web submission tool also submits your site URL to the 20 biggest search engines.
  4. Ineedhits free search engine submission tool also submits your websites to the major 20 search engines.
  5. This free search engine submission tool provides you with a quick and easy way to submit your website to some of the most important and major search engines and directories.
  6. You can use this free tool to submit on some search engines along with Google. It can submit your site to 18 search engines.
  7. is a new tool to submit your site URL to a large number of search engines and directories. It claims that it can submit over 350 search engines and directories.
In spite of using these free search engine submission tools, you can submit to a number of search engines within no time. It is better to submit each search engine manually. If you know about any other such tools or you have any comments you are welcome to submit them in the comment session.

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