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How to earn online from Top revenue sharing sites?

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You have good writing skills in any one or more subject matter or you are a good video producer or you are a good photographer? If that, no wait for more for earning online. Now, start to earn online by exposing your ability. There are many methods of earning money online, but today I am going to tail a method of earning from the revenue sharing sites. Revenue sharing sites are those, who share their earned revenue from publishing the articles written by their article writers to them. Mainly they generate revenue from their sites by displaying advertisements from Google Adsense Program and also from other Affiliate programs.So you can earn from those sites by writing a good article in your interesting subject matter or submitting your interesting and informative videos produced by yourself or submitting photography generated by you. They give you some percentage of the revenue they earned from publishing the page of your article or photos or videos. Such earnings are lifetime earnings, so they are better for your extra earning for your life.

Here I have listed some top revenue sharing sites from where you can earn from sharing your knowledge, ideas and your ability.


I think HubPages is the best on all the revenue sharing sites, which pay Google Adsense revenue to those who write content to their site by automatically displaying relevant Google ads on that content. You can get 60% and the other 40% of the revenue generated by your content takes by HubPages itself.


Triond is not used only for the article; it allows you to share images, videos, articles, and audio. Triond will post your article any one or more of their multiple websites. This site pays you 50% of the advertising revenue which your content generates. You can get paid monthly through PayPal, Check or Weston Union Money Transfer.


Flixya is also that site from which you can earn revenue by sharing your pictures, videos, and blogs. You can receive up to 100% of the revenue generated from the Google Adsense ads.


Webtalkforums is a web design and development based forum site in which you can participate in the revenue of the site sharing scheme after making at least 10 posts to the forum. The revenue generated from Adsense is shared between the thread starters and the site administrators. The thread starter gates 70% and administrators get 30% of the revenue generated from the ads displayed.


Like Triond from Infobarrel also allowed users to share knowledge through images, videos, articles, and audio. This site will share 75% of the revenue with you.


By using Freerangestock you can earn revenue from sharing your images. Revenue is generated by displaying Google Adsense ads on the pages of your shared images. If your uploaded images are accepted you can get 80% of the revenue generated by your download pages or profile pages.


Web answers is an online question and answers site. If your given answer for the questions asked by the user of these sites is selected as the best answer, you can earn revenue from the Adsense ads displayed on that thread. You can gate 60% and Web answer gets 40% of the revenue generated from the ads displayed.

There are hundreds of more sites that share the revenue to others for their contribution. I have presented only the top which I have found. If you have any comments on these lists or you know about any other then these sites you are welcomed to place a comment on this comment session.

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