Solved MCQ of Operating System Principles set-1

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1. Which of the following is/ are the part of operating
A) Kernel services
B) Library services
C) Application level services
D) All of the above
2. The system of …………… generally ran one job at a
time. These were called single stream batch
A) 40’s
B) 50’s
C) 60’s
D) 70’s

3. In ………….
generation of operating system, operating system designers develop the concept
of multi-programming in which several jobs are in main memory at once.
A) First
B) Second
C) Third
D) Fourth
4. State True or False.
i) In spooling high speed
device like a disk is interposed between running program and low-speed device
in Input/output.
ii) By using spooling for
example instead of writing directly to a printer, outputs are written to the
A) i-True, ii-False
B) i-True, ii-True
C) i-False, ii-True
D) i-False, ii-False
5. Which of the following
is/are the functions of operating system?
i) Sharing hardware among
users.            ii) Allowing users to
share data among themselves.
iii) Recovering from
errors.                          iv) Preventing
users from interfering with one another.
v) Scheduling resources
among users.
A) i, ii, iii and iv only
B) ii, iii, iv and v only
C) i, iii, iv and v only
D) All i, ii, iii, iv
and v
6. ………………
executes must frequently and makes the fine grained decision of which process
to execute the next.
A) Long-term scheduling
B) Medium-term scheduling
C) Short-term
D) None of the above
7. With …………….
a page is brought into main memory only when the reference is made to a
location on that page.
A) demand paging
B) main paging
C) prepaging
D) postpaging
………………….. provides a larger sized of virtual memory but require
virtual memory which provides multidimensional memory.
A) Paging method
B) Segmentation method
C) Paging and
segmentation method
D) None of these
9. …………… is a
large kernel containing virtually the complete operating system, including,
scheduling, file system, device drivers and memory management.
A) Multilithic kernel
B) Monolithic kernel
C) Micro kernel
D) Macro kernel
10. …………… is a
large operating system core provides a wide range of services.
A) Multilithic kernel
B) Monolithic kernel
C) Micro kernel
D) Macro kernel
D) All of the above
i-True, ii-True
D) All
i, ii, iii, iv and v
6.       C) Short-term scheduling
7.       A) demand paging
8.       B) Segmentation method
9.       B) Monolithic kernel
10.   D) Macro kernel
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