Solved MCQ Questions On Computer Networking Set-1

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This set of multiple choice objective question in computer networking includes solved MCQ questions on the definitions of computer network, different services of computer networks and their types. It includes about FDDI, FTP, network topology types, different network layers and their types. It also includes about different network layers; physical layer, transport layer, data link and presentation layer.

1. The computer network is
A) Network computer with cable
B) Network computer without cable
C) Both of the above
D) None of the above

2. FDDI used which type of physical topology?
A) Bus
B) Ring
C) Star

3. FTP stands for
A) File transfer protocol
B) File transmission protocol
C) Form transfer protocol
D) Form transmission protocol

4. Ethernet system uses which of the following technology.
A) Bus
B) Ring
C) Star
D) Tree

5. Which of the following are the network services?
A) File service
B) Print service
C) Database service
D) All of the above

6. If all devices are connected to a central hub, then topology is called
A) Bus Topology
B) Ring Topology
C) Star Topology
D) Tree Topology

7. FDDI stands for
A) Fiber Distributed Data Interface
B) Fiber Data Distributed Interface
C) Fiber Dual Distributed Interface
D) Fiber Distributed Data Interface

8. Which of the following is an application layer service?
A) Network virtual terminal
B) File transfer, access and management
C) Mail service
D) All of the above

9. Which is the main function of transport layer?
A) Node to node delivery
B) End to end delivery
C) Synchronization
D) Updating and maintaining routing tables

10. The ………… layer change bits onto electromagnetic signals.
A) Physical
B) Transport
C) Data Link
D) Presentation

11. A group of computers and other devices connected together is called a network, and the concept of connected computers sharing resources is called ………
A) Networking
B) Inter-Network
C) Inter-Connection
D) Computer Group

12. A simple cabling method, known as the ………… topology, allows about 30 computers on a maximum cable length of about 600 feet. 
A) Star
B) Ring
C) Bus
D) Tree

13) …………… is a set of connecting links between LANs. 

14) A ………. line considered as a fast WAN link, transmits at 1.5 Mbps, or 1 million bits per second. 
A) L1
B) F1
C) W1
D) T1

15) The …………….. elements are specialized computers to connect two or more transmission lines. 
A) Networking
B) Broadcasting
C) Switching
D) Transfering

16)  In …………… the network contains numerous cables or leased  telephone line, each one connecting a pair or IMPs. 
A) Point-to-Point channels
B) Pair-to-Pair channels
C) Broadcast channels
D) Interface channels

17) The entities comprising the corresponding layers on different layers on different machines are called …………. processes. 
A) entity
B) peer
C) peer-to-peer
D) layred

18)  …………….. entities are entities in the same layer on different machines. 
A) Software
B) Service
C) Peer
D) Interface

19) To use a …………………. network service, the service user first establishes a connection, uses the connection, and terminates the connection. 
A) connection-oriented
B) connection-less
C) service-oriented
D) service-less

20) In ……………………… service, each message carries the full destination address, and each one is routed through the system independent of all others. 
A) connection-oriented
B) connection-less
C) service-oriented
D) service-less


1. C) Both of the above
2. B) Ring
3. A) File transfer protocol
4. A) Bus
5. D) All of the above
6. C) Star Topology
7. A) Fiber Distributed… Interface
8. C) Mail service
9. B) End to end delivery
10. A) Physical
11. A) Networking
12. C) Bus
13. B) WAN
14. D) T1
15. C) Switching
16. A) Point-to-Point channels
17. B) peer
18) C) Peer
19) A) connection-oriented
20) B) connection-less

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