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MCQ on the Operating System with answer set-2

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This set of MCQ on the operating system with answer includes the collection of objective types questions on operating system fundamentals. It includes MCQ on history of operating system, process in OS, Multi-programming and Distributed processing in OS along with the answer of each.

1. The first batch operating system was developed in the …………….. by General Motors for use on an IBM 701.
A) mid 1940’s
B) mid 1950’s
C) mid 1960’s
D) mid  1970’s

2. Process is ……………………
A) A program in execution
B) An instance of a program running on a computer.
C) The entity that can be assigned to and executed
D) All of the above.

3. ………………. is a facility that allows programmers to address memory from a logical point of view, without regard to the main memory, physically available.
A) Visual memory
B) Real memory
C) Virtual memory
D) Secondary memory

4. ………… is a large kernel, including scheduling file system, networking, device drivers, memory management and more.
A) Monolithic kernel
B) Micro kernel
C) Macro kernel
D) Mini kernel

5. A ……………….. architecture assigns only a few essential functions to the kernel, including address spaces, Inter process communication(IPC) and basic scheduling.
A) Monolithic kernel
B) Micro kernel
C) Macro kernel
D) Mini kernel

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6. State whether true or false.
i) Multi-threading is useful for application that perform a number of essentially independent tasks that do not be serialized.
ii) An example of multi-threading is a database server that listens for and process numerous client request.
A) i-True, ii-False
B) i-True, ii-True
C) i-False, ii-True
D) i-False, ii-False

7. With ……………. only one process can execute at a time; meanwhile all other process are waiting for the processor. With ………….. more than one process can be running simultaneously each on a different processor.
A) Multiprocessing, Multi-programming
B) Multi-programming, Uni-processing
C) Multi-programming, Multiprocessing
D) Uni-programming, Multiprocessing

8. The two central themes of modern operating system are ……………
A) Multi-programming and Distributed processing
B) Multi-programming and Central Processing
C) Single Programming and Distributed processing
D) None of above

9. …………… refers to the ability of multiple process (or threads) to share code, resources or data in such a way that only one process has access to shared object at a time.
A) Synchronization
B) Mutual Exclusion
C) Dead lock
D) Starvation

10. …………….. is the ability of multiple process to co-ordinate their activities by exchange of information
A) Synchronization
B) Mutual Exclusion
C) Dead lock
D) Starvation


1. B) mid 1950’s
2. D) All of the above.
3. C) Virtual memory
4. A) Monolithic kernel
5. B) Micro kernel
6. B) i-True, ii-True
7. C) Multi-programming, Multiprocessing
8. A) Multi-programming and Distributed processing
9. B) Mutual Exclusion
10. A) Synchronization

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