Programming MCQs

Solved MCQ of C set-1

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1. C language has been developed by
A) Martin Richards
B) Bijarne Stroustrup
C) Dennis Ritche
D) Ken Thompson
2. int[ ] ={5,6,7,8,9} What is the value of a[3]?
A) 9
B) 8
C) 7
D) 6

3. C can be used on
A) Only MS-Dos operating System
B) Only Linux operating system
C) Only Windows operating system
D) All of the above
4. Float a[15], what is the size of array?
A) 17
B) 14
C) 15
D) 16
5. C programs are converted into machine language with the
help of
A) An Editor
B) A complier
C) An operating system
D) None of the above
6. Array is
A) Primary data type
B) Pointer data type
C) Heterogeneous data type
D) Homogenous data type
7. Which of the following is allowed in a C Arithmetic Instruction?
A) [ ]
B) { }
C) ( )
D) None of the above
8. To accept 100 different values into the array we require
A) Loop
B) If condition
C) Function
D) Structure
9. If a is an integer variable, a=7/3; will return a value
A) 2.5
B) 3
C) 0
D) 2
10. Pointer holds
A) Value of variable
B) Address of variable
C) Value and address of variable
D) Always null


1. C) Dennis Ritche
2. B) 8
3. D) All of the above
4. C) 15
5. B) A complier
6. D) Homogenous data type
7. C) ( )
8. A) Loop
9. D) 2
10. B) Address of variable

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