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How To Start News Magazine WordPress Site: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

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Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 research showed that people take up their smartphones 47 times per day.  89% check it out within an hour once they are awake up in the morning and 81% users do this before going to night sleep. They feel irresistible and impatient desire to check their email boxes, news feed, and of course social media networks activity. Among them, 52% of the of consumers use their phones to read the news.

What Does it Mean?

Due to the post authors’ opinion, it means that nowadays people gadgets and web-life addiction is breaking all the records ever. Sure, it entails many negative consequences, but it’s another story.

The truth is that I-net-reality is the part of our lives, and that is an undeniable fact of nowadays. The youth practically do not read papers, they prefer news and magazine publish on social networks or independent blog/news resources. That is quite understandable, we all want to be aware of the freshest news and events, which within a few moments become actual titles of all possible news channels and resources.

However, here comes a question – how to get to the top of such resources, how to make your own news magazine website more clickable, interesting and frequently visited? That is gonna be the task for today post, where we will try to handle it via a step-by-step algorithm of actions for starting news magazine WordPress themes.

Why WordPress?

Wikipedia can explain more in details all features of this term, however, a regular non-geek user should only know that WordPress is an online, open source, probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

Tons of themes and plugins being made each and every single day for the WordPress themes for information websites. When custom website owners have to pay thousands of dollars to get a simple WordPress theme when the WordPress users can get them for a few bucks, or even for Free. This is what makes WordPress the most popular CMS in the world.

Our goal is to turn your news magazine or blogging website into a unique and convenient tool for earning money, new followers and clients involving, increasing sales and traffic with selecting the perfect WordPress theme.

1. Be maximum informed within a scope!

Try to gather as much info as you can in regards to the main topic of your posts. Manage all reliable sources within a niche, collect all interesting facts, points of view, classifications, links, etc. And due to them show your own attitude, give comments or overview. You have to be 100% sure of what you’re saying. Remember, readers, feel and see everything between the lines, your uncertainty or incompetence as well.

This skillfully crafted Digezine theme with its neat design can be a perfect match for your online magazine project and concentrate visitors attention on what really matters. Using flexible blog functionality you can offer your target audience detailed information regarding all the posts and topics presented. Plus, newsletter subscription module helps to generate quality leads online.

Digezine – News Magazine WordPress Theme

Digezine - News Magazine WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

2. Be meaningful and consistent!

One of the most commonly used writer’s/content manager’s/blogger’s mistakes is being “blah-blah-blah”. In the pursuit of the text characters/words count (if you’re getting paid due to post size) authors often write about useless, needless things. They start from afar, and slowly through dozens of empty words go near the point. Try to be in the readers’ shoes and remember yourself while reading an amazingly exiting post. You’re looking for the hottest moment cutting some meaningless background pieces of this text and greedily get to the point.

Be richness with your material. Use more linking words to combine sentences in order to bring your readers to the main part faster. Linkers also help to get and follow the order – to be consistent. Build your posts well and reasonably structured: sentence, context, and general text atmosphere.

Carefully select images to illustrate your main post idea. Try to be creative, use collages apps to make them noticeable. If it deals with a business news portal, then King news helps to present information shortly, accurately, strictly, avoiding any unneeded details. With its WordPress customizer, you can set all pages blocks and widgets the way you like and check the results immediately in the same browser window. Since this is business news blog it has to be available and perfectly viewed from any gadget and screen resolution. That’s why the theme is 100% responsive.

KingNews – Magazine News Portal & Blog WordPress Theme

KingNews - Magazine News Portal & Blog WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

3. Be informative and never lose Hype!!

Write exactly about followers would like to know and try to always catch the hype! Track all possible resources to be in a stream and always know the hottest news of your next magazine post. You should ongoingly keep up with the latest trends, events, novelties and popular news of the scope. Therefore, share this info with your users. Everyone likes to find out something new and get fresh info. So, what’s the problem? Always try to give it to them from your blog pages. Thus, your blog website will be in the top tabs list of all sticky beaks. Using the imagination and word power you can present even pretty known information in a fresh and bright manner so that the reader can’t pull away.

Elena is a clean and clear solution for an online magazine or news portal devoted to fashion, art, lifestyle, travel or personal blog. It allows putting all the desired info and attached images into well-structured blocks that are easy to notice and read. You can stay fully informative and stylish with this theme, moreover, it will not take much time to set it up and customize.

Elena – blog WordPress Theme

Elena - blog WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

4. Be useful!

One more important tip arising out of previous “Be informative!” one. Maybe they even can be set on the one level. In today’s world hastening people simply do not have time to read useless things. Try to put in each your post a prominent piece of usage within a topic discussed. Underline for whom and why this post will be useful to read. And no matter, either it’s a make-up lesson or signalization installation manual. Making your posts useful will definitely increase your website traffic. What is more, people will share and re-post the info in social networks, which is consequently an additional add and promoting. As many posts are useful, as more those who need it.

Motiovix is a great example of a fully editable WordPress theme for video streaming websites. Being truly cross-browser compatible and fully responsive, it allows your visitors to enjoy a stunning site’s performance in any browser and from any modern device. This video gallery theme allows showing a huge variety of different video content, just make sure it is 100% useful and brings important info or messages to your visitors.

Viral demonstrates exactly the pureness, transparency, and clarity by its professionally looking design and clean code. If you value your reputation and prefer sharing only 100% truthful, reliable facts, then Viral Media News WordPress Theme can handle it and help you catch your audience!

Motiovix – Video Streaming Responsive WordPress Theme

Motiovix - Video Streaming Responsive WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

5. Be honest!

All content is under your control, but you must not be tempted by your over-imagination. It doesn’t make any sense to distort facts, come up with new ones, lie or even worse – to steal someone’s lines and plagiarize. Write what you’re 100% sure about, what you can prove or disprove. If you’re not quite well-versed in some questions, then get back to the tip #1 and be maximumly briefed in the sphere”. Remain true to your blog and readers, post only reliable material. And then your website will be known as an authoritative source of info.

Viral News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Viral News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

6. Make it short!

Say “No” for long posts. They are no longer in trend. Keep your blog posts short, otherwise, your reader will lose an interest in the material. Write easily readable texts. You should seek for sending the main message within no the shortest, but the main direct route. The optimal size for a regular post is considered to be near 700 words. (It isn’t really happening to us here in this post. There is a lot to say and share.)

With BitNews pre-made pages and posts templates you will just need to replace it with your own. This city portal magazine oriented WordPress theme designed to point out and illuminate main points of everyday city life briefly and clearly. Thanks to the smart use of white space, the theme looks spacious, and the content is easy to comprehend. Integrated with a variety of ready-made page templates, social media ready and SEO-friendly, the theme is ready to go out of the box.

BitNews – Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme

BitNews - Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

7. Building a Fanbase

Stay always consistent with your branding, color, fonts and other important website elements. This awesome tip we borrowed from a well-known web services provider Templatemonster and their writers’ team.

Think it is a very useful advice each blogger should pay attention to. Choose 2 or 3 colors and a couple of fonts for your brand. Once it becomes a part of your identity, your audience will easily recognize you through them. The order, size and overall usability of buttons, links, forms and other elements on your website must not change. Maintain a consistent brand voice. Even if you’re a multi-author blog. Every article must have the same use dashes, em-dashes, visuals abbreviations, spellings and the overall voice and tone.

All this is mentioned and combined with Weekly Journal theme that was designed especially for financial advisor magazine WordPress focused theme. Clean and well-balanced layout, social media integration, SEO and 100% responsiveness, newsletter subscription, fonts of different colors and large headings create a clear content hierarchy and many other features work perfectly for strong fan-base creation.

Financial News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Financial News & Magazine WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

8. Interact with your readers and other bloggers

Always remember that blogging is a two-way communication. Try to persuade your audience that their opinions and perception is very important to you. For example, summering each post ask if it was useful if any new questions occurred due to the topic. And if there some, offer to leave a comment or e-mail to you directly in order to discuss and figure everything out. Feel free to shy and ask to share this post if it was good somehow. If not, for some reason, emphasize that you are ready to work on the controversial issue more detailed and briefly open it in further posts.

Blazing greatly offers this communication between the post authors, followers, and visitors via the commenting/discussing option. Plus, you get multiple blog ready-made layouts and versatile header & footer styles, powerful TM Gallery, strong page, WordPress Live Customizer and many other tools to make your magazine project more visible.

BlazingNews – News Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

BlazingNews - News Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

9. Viva, SEO!

One more awesome advice from Templatemonster’s team. The author highlights to do SEO, not after a website has been launched and full of content. Because in most cases it’s too late and your blog website already lost in the Net. Work on SEO from the very first steps on planning blog and posts phase.

The Daily Post originally goes integrated with SEO functionality, so you won’t need to waste extra money and time for additional SEO services from a 3rd-part specialist. All is included in order to optimize this theme owner’s efforts and time.

The Daily Post – Media & Latest News WordPress Theme

The Daily Post - Media & Latest News WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

10. Add relevant links and trustful resources

Perhaps, you’ve spotted, we use links above that somehow are close to our discussed topic. And that is not a coincidence. Using relevant links in texts helps your readers to get additional information on the topic. And thereby, helps to shorten your own texts size. Who needs to re-write already written things before, after all? Google bots really love blog posts which send users to relevant websites. The main thing here is to make sure that links will be opened in a new tab or window, but not in the same one. It is important in order to not replace your blog post page and to hold users on your website following the links. Creado WP theme is devoted to art & culture. Surely, you can not do without using external links that transfer your readers to the original artists/sculptures/ painters etc. websites or portfolios. Do not hesitate use links!

Creado – Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme

Creado - Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme
Details | Demo

Shuseel Baral is a web programmer and the founder of InfoTechSite has over 7 years of experience in software development, internet, SEO, blogging and marketing digital products and services is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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