How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website

If you have just started a blog or website and want to grow your website traffic, there is a free and easy to use solution that you  may follow. I have already increased my website traffic by 20% with this easy and free method. There is a free tool which can easily return back your outgoing traffic and increase the number of visitors of your website along with providing awesome and most engaging promoted content related to your website or blog niche. 

This tool is called discover tool which is provided by SumoMe that allows you to get more traffic for your website or blog with connecting over thousands of  SumoMe installed websites. Using this method you can promote your content on other sites that can send free visitors for your website along with displaying others promoted content on your website.

How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website

Features and Benefits of Discover Tool

Following are the features and benefits of using this free tool on your website along with different preferences and customization options.
  1. You can get free traffic from other sites along with awesome contents for your website that can also increase your website visibility.
  2. You will get credit points while displaying others content either on scroll box which can display one article  or on grid which can display upto 12 articles.
  3. You will  get upto 20 credit per view and 30 credit per click so your will get more traffic while visitors clicks on promoted content.
  4.  Your cost will be 1 credit per impression whether there is any number of clicks generated for your promoted content. 
  5. It will automatically adjust the grid below article or you can control where want to display on your website. 
  6. It also allows you to customize the title along with headline and background color.
  7. You can specify content language, category and sub category while sharing or displaying contents.
  8. You can even control for which page you want to display promoted content or not on your website.
  9.  It also allows you to report or block the contents which are displayed on your website if you don't want to show.
  10. This tool allows you to adjust the rating of the content G , PG  and R while sharing or displaying promoted contents.
  11. You can also visit the live status of incoming and outgoing traffic on daily status report.

How to install Discover Tool for Free Traffic

  • After installing SumoMe App on your website, a small badge will appear on top or bottom corner of your website. 
  • Login to your account, go to app store and click on discover button located under "Traffic" option. 
How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website

  • Add a grid or scrollbox to your site from design tab where you will earn credits for displaying other sites' links from where you can adjust display mode, category, sub category, ratings, title and the position of the links showing on your website.  
How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website
  • Get traffic back by sharing your content from share content tab where you spend your earned credits with adding your content link on the network.
How Discover Tool Helps to Get More Traffic and Grow Your Website

What The Pro Feature Can Do

If you want more traffic to your website or blog from this tool can subscribe for the pro feature from which you will get the following additional features.
  1. With subscribing pro feature you can share your content link as many as you want where as with free feature you can activate only one link one time. 
  2. You will get two times more credits per view.
  3. You can manage your blocked list.
  4. You can create or join on your own private network.