List of Free Tools Which Can Triple Your Website Traffic

Do you have a new website or blog?

Do you want to grow your website traffic?

If yes, this article will be best fit for you to achieve a goal regarding to your website traffic.   

There are 12 essential tools provided by SumoMe, to grow your website traffic, which you may not know. These set of tools has four email tools to grow subscribers list, three share tools to increase your social shares, four tools to optimize your website and one is traffic generation tool called discover tool which allows you to share your content all over the network where the SumoMe application was installed.

Here are list of those tools along with their features in detail.

Email Tools

Email tools allow collecting email subscriptions from your website. The email tools provided by SumoMe are list builder, welcome mat, scroll box and smart box tools.

List Builder

List builder grow your email list with fully customizable and mobile optimized email pop-up. This tool includes a smart mode which figures out the optimal time to ask your visitors to an email address.

Welcome Mat

It is the highest converting email tool which gives your visitors a big, bold call to action to sign up or to navigate to a certain part of your site.

Scroll Box

Scroll box is a tool to collect email list with more polite way. This asks for an email address when your visitor scrolls a certain percentage down the page.

Smart Bar

Smart bar adds a stick top bar to your site where you can ask for email address or encourage your visitors to click on a link.

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Sharing Tools

The sharing tools provided by SumoMe makes easier to share your content with using share tool, image sharer tool and highlighter tool.

 Sharing Tools-Share, Image Sharer and Highlighter by SumoMe


It is the way to get 3 times more share on your website which includes automatic mobile mode, fully customizable look and automatic optimization of share buttons for everyone of your page.

Image Sharer

It is the easiest way to add Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest buttons for every one of your images and get more viral traffic.


If your visitors are highlighting and sharing your content on social media, this highlighter tool allows your visitors to share your content 10X faster. This tool adds share on twitter and facebook popups whenever someone highlights part of your site.

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Website Optimization Tools

There are free tools to optimize your website with analyzing visitor's clicks, integrating your Google analytics account, analyzing your content and generating customer contact form and integration on your website.

 Website Optimization Tools-Google Analytics, Content Analytics, Heat Maps

Heat Maps

With using heat map tool, you can see where your visitors are clicking or not. This tool helps you figure out how to optimize your page to have your visitor's click where you want them to.

Google Analytics

This too allows you to get your most important status from your website with integrating your Google analytics report without login into your Google Account.

Content Analysis

This tool finds out if your readers are actually reading your blog posts, which helps your figure out how to change your content so readers are happy.

Contact Form

You can generate and integrate contact form to your website with this tool, which makes extremely easy for your visitor's to become a customer. You can integrate it on any page or part of your website.

 Free Contact Form by SumoMe

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Traffic Generation Tools

There is one traffic generation tool called discover tool which allows you to share your content all over the network where the SumoMe application was installed. After activating this tool from your SumoMe account, it will automatically add contents at the bottom your post and allows you to share a link to other websites on its network as content ads.

Discover Tool-Traffic Generation Tool by SumoMe

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