How To Set Up Facebook Like Button in a Blogger?

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Facebook Like Button

In this tutorial you can get simple steps for How to set up a Facebook Like Button on your bloggers blog. By adding this on your blog you get more likes for your Facebook Fan Page from the visitors of your blog. It can help to get more likes and to share your post updates to your subscribers. You can pull your Facebook Page subscribers to your blog and can increase your blogs page views, as a result you can be more benefited from your blog.

If you want to place Facebook Like Box / Fan Box instead of like button you can visit: How To Set Up Facebook Like Box in a Blog?

By adding Facebook Like Button your blog readers can
  • See how many users already liked your Facebook Page.
  • Directly like your Page without going to the Page.
  • See some faces of the friends who already liked your blog if you activated that.

Steps to be followed To Set Up Facebook Like Box in a Blog

1. Get your Facebook Page URL at first.


  • Visit Facebook and go to your page
  • Copy the URL from the Address bar on the clipboard.

2. Configure the setting for your Like Box.


  • At first go to Facebook Developers Page.
  • Paste the copied URL on the Facebook Page URL Text box.
  • Change width,  layout style, font, color scheme as you like or as matches to your blog.
  • Check or Uncheck on the Send button check box to show or hide Send button.
  • Check or Uncheck on the Show faces check box to show or hide the faces.
  • At last click on Get code button. You can see the code like below from HTML 5 tab.

3. Add Code on the Blogger widget.

add gadget on blog

  • At first go to your blogger dashboard Layout option.
  • Click on Add Gadget option.
  • Choose HTML/JavaScript option.
  • Paste HTML code and click on save and view your blog.