Solved Objective Questions of Computer Fundamental set-2

1. The default setting for a horizontal rule is …………..

A) shaded
B) unshaded
C) both
D) none of the above
2. …………… tag is used to embed image in a webpage.
A) <img src=”pic.gif”>
B) <img src=pic.gif>
C) <img source=”pic.gif”>
D) None of the above

3. This is a global collection of high-powered computer that are connected together with cables, telephone lines, microwave dishes, satellites etc.
A) Arpanet
B) Internet
C) Network
D) All of the above
4. ………… is used to pointing / selecting the screen co-ordinates by detecting the light.
A) Light Pen
B) Bar Code Reader
C) Digital Camera
D) Smart Cards
5. …………… displays the information about the active document such as page number, section number, number of pages, insertion point, position, etc.
A) View Bar
B) Menu Bar
C) Status Bar
D) Ruler Line
6. ……….. a record means a new record to the file.
A) Amending
B) Updating
C) Editing
D) Appending
7.  To move the cursor to end of the document, press …………….
A) Ctrl+End
B) End
C) Alt+End
D) Shift+End
8. SMTP stands for
A) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
B) Simple Mail Transport Protocol
C) Sample Mail Transfer Protocol
D) Sample Mail Transport Protocol
9. JPEG stands for ……………
A) Joint Photo Experts Group
B) Joint Photogenic Experts Group
C) Joint Photographic Experts Group
D) Joint Photoelectric Experts Group
10. The short cut key to start a new line without starting a new paragraph is ……
A) Ctrl+Enter
B) Shift+Enter
C) Alt+Enter
D) Enter

1. A) shaded
2. A) <img src=”pic.gif”>
3. B) Internet
4. A) Light Pen
5. C) Status Bar
6. D) Appending
7. A) Ctrl+End
8. A) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
9. C) Joint Photographic Experts Group
10. B) Shift+Enter

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