What is the scope of computer science or IT study?

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UDXKU67AY6AW Most of the sectors or the fields of study started from hundreds of years ago and going to be on saturation for their scope but IT sector is such one sector which is not as others. So far using computers was in IT specific offices and organizations but now they are widely using in almost every sectors like Automobiles, Banking, Business, Communication, Defense, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing etc. So Jobs for computer science or IT engineer will always be there in IT as well as non IT fields. Its range is wide and scope is high, so have many opportunities in technology and other industries.

Now, almost all the universities of the world started to produce IT professionals by launching different IT degree programs like Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science etc. for undergraduate studies and Master in Computer Application (MCA), Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT), Master of Science in Computer Science etc. for post graduate studies. On the basis of interest and the tasks performed by the workers new areas of specialization were established today. As such specialization Software Engineer may be computer programmer, System Analyst, System Designer, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Information System Manager, Online Editor, Software quality Analyst, Trainer, Web designer and developer, Graphic Designer etc. 

Software engineers having such specialized post, each have distinct responsibilities. For example System Analyst analyze the software to develop, System Designer design the program after analyzing that and finally computer programmer converts the designed program to executable codes. System Engineer work with different systems, databases and correcting problems, Computer security Engineer face the challenge of beating hackers, spammers and the like. 

Thus the field of the computer Science or IT is very huge and also increasing its scope day by day. Millions of new jobs were generated for each year in the world. So if you are interested in the field of IT and want to establish your career in the field of IT, you can join for any IT degree programs by selecting the best college or university. I wish for your brighten future.