Solved MCQ of Operating System Theory set-3

1. Which of the following is not the function of Micro kernel?
A) File management
B) Low-level memory management
C) Inter-process communication
D) I/O interrupts management

2. Match the following.
i) Mutual exclusion                          a) A process may hold allocated resources while waiting assignment.
ii) Hold and wait                             b) No resource can be forcibly removed from a process holding it.
iii) No preemption                           c) Only one process may use a resource at a time.
A) i-a, ii-b, iii-c
B) i-a, ii-c, iii-b
C) i-b, ii-c, iii-a
D) i-c, ii-a, iii-b

3. A direct method of deadlock prevention is to prevent the occurrences of ...................
A) Mutual exclusion
B) Hold and wait
C) Circular waits
D) No preemption

4. The methods or algorithms which are used to increase the performance of disk storage sub-system is called .............
A) Disk performing
B) Disk scheduling
C) Disk storing
D) Disk extending

5. ................. is the time required to move the disk arm to the required track.
A) Seek time
B) Rotational delay
C) Latency time
D) Access time

6. The ............... policy restricts scanning to one direction only.
C) N-Step SCAN
D) Both A and B

7. ............... policy selects the disk I/O request that requires the least movement of the disk arm from its current position.
8. .................. refers to the ability of an operating system to support multiple threads of execution with a single process.
A) Multithreading
B) Multiprocessing
C) Multiexecuting
D) Bi-threading

 9. State whether the following statement is true.
i) It takes less time to terminate a thread than a process.
ii) Threads enhance efficiency in communication between different executing programs.
A) i-True, ii-False
B) i-True, ii-True
C) i-False, ii-True
D) i-False, ii-False

10. ............ is a special type of programming language used to provide instructions to the monitor simple batch processing schema.
A) Job control language (JCL)
B) Processing control language (PCL)
C) Batch control language (BCL)
D) Monitor control language (MCL)

1.   A) File management
2.   D) i-c, ii-a, iii-b
3.   C) Circular waits
4.   B) Disk scheduling
5.   A) Seek time
6.   B) C-SCAN
7.   B) SSTF
8.   A) Multithreading
9.   B) i-True, ii-True
10.   A) Job control language (JCL)

Solved MCQ of Operating System Theory set-3
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